Top 5 Worst Topics for Custom Essay Writing

Challenges of Custom Essay Writing

Custom essay writing isn’t an assignment to underestimate. An accurate and responsible approach is mandatory for completing any college or university task including essays. And, like any other task, essays have their own challenges. Perhaps the major ones of them are as follows:

  • Picking up the right topic
  • Getting a strong thesis
  • Ensuring proper organization
  • Finding your unique style
  • Creating error-free paper
  • Managing the time effectively

Surely, each of these points is highly significant. Yet, once you fail in the first, the rest won’t matter any longer.

Top Five Worst Essay Topics

If you determine to entrust your work to a credible custom essay writing service UK, you needn’t worry about any challenge including the choice of the topic. If you are assigned a free style essay, expert writers will recommend the most appropriate ones. They are well aware of not only the most impressive topics but also about the custom essay writing topics you’d better avoid. And right now we are going to refer to particularly the worst ones you should never pick up for your task.


Sports is the first topic of a custom essay writing you’d better pass by. The reason for this is the similarity of all sports essays: they are all about working and trying hard, not losing your motivation, getting injuries to bear and overcome, winning or losing the match important to you, and finally feeling like you are at home with your sports team. You see, there is nothing you can make this topic of custom essay writing unique, definitely, if you haven’t recently won in the Olympic Games or the World Championship.

When applying to a dependable custom essay writing service, you won’t ever be advised to undertake any topic related to sports. And this is for the good reason.

Negative Phenomena

Such negative experiences as the divorce, serious illness, disability, or death are the topic you’d rather not touch. Surely, they might be very important for you or have had a deep impact on your life, yet this doesn’t mean you should include them in your application essay. The reason is that admission officers just look through every paper without going into its details. For delivering a really successful custom essay writing, present the happiest and sunniest aspects of your life.

Mission Trips

Addressing the topic of making mission trips us a dangerous territory. Surely, if you have undertaken one and seen poor people content with whatever they have (even if its a piece of bread for dinner) you might wish to write about it. To express yourself and say how ashamed you felt not to be satisfied with so many things you had in your life! Even though all these matters to you greatly and you revalued your life, admission committee won’t get impressed by it, be certain. This topic has already been overused and has expired itself.

Instead, there is always a chance of applying for a custom essay writing online help to the best professionals of the industry. They are sure to create something amazing to impress both you and your admission committee.

Your Achievements

Another improper idea for custom essay writing is speaking about your accomplishments. The admission committee wants to hear your voice, understand your peculiarity, and not get a piece of paper in which you sell yourself. Instead, experts of custom essay writing UK services recommend presenting a funny experience of your life or a case that taught some something meaningful (of course not related to any topic mentioned in this article).


Two highly sensitive topics for custom essay writing are politics and beliefs. When admitting a student, any university wants them to be curious about all beliefs. Therefore, it is sure to be not expedient to write about the righteousness of your belief. It won’t be a wise move to use custom essay writing for expressing your racist views, either. Hence, just move on and find a more interesting topic!