How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Kidneys might be small. But like the heart, lungs and other body organs, they are vital in keeping your body healthy. These bean-shaped components of the renal system act as a filter. With all the waste that your body discards from food, alcohol, and medicines, the kidneys separate the good and the bad, then drains the toxic substances as urine.

Apart from that function, they also regulate the body’s fluid balance and filter the blood before it goes to the heart. Without kidneys, there is no way to survive.

Good kidneys won’t give you any headaches. But bad ones will be a big problem. Impaired beans could mean toxic materials are taking over your body. This makes your body a prey to diseases. You may experience swelling of arms and legs due to fluid retention, and weak bones increasing chances of bone fractures.

Other horrible misfortunes include cardiovascular disorders, declining immune response, or damage to the central nervous system. Not to mention, the heaps of hospital bills for medication and regular dialysis, emotional fatigue and sleepless nights battling a chronic nightmare.

Keep your kidneys as healthy as possible. Nobody wants to end up bedridden for the rest of a lifetime. So, what should you do to keep your kidneys happy? Here are some proven habits:

Stay Hydrated

Just get that ideal quantity of daily water intake. There is no exact measurement but studies suggest that sufficient consumption is around 1.5 to 2 liters a day. Why this much? A healthy fluid intake allows the kidneys to maneuver and clear the toxins that might get you in trouble. The water serves as the diesel that fuels the engine in the kidneys to work its job. But don’t drink too much. Keep it in moderation. Always remember that too much of anything is bad.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar and Pressure

Your blood sugar and pressure can greatly affect your kidneys. A high blood pressure and increased blood sugar can cause damage to your filter machine. If you have hypertension or diabetes, monitor these levels to ensure you won’t impair your kidneys too.

Avoid Smoking and Drink Alcohol Responsibly

Both smoking and drinking too much alcohol is linked to increased blood pressure which will be a problem to your beans. As much as possible, quit smoking or don’t even try it. For alcohol, limit the quantity of your intake.

Halt the Salt

Salty snacks are delectable goods that are part of anyone’s life. The meals people love in fast food chains are loaded with it. But, these tasty snacks are also replete with sodium. Too much sodium means difficulty for the kidneys to filter fluid and the toxins that come with up.

When this happens, blood pressure rises and kidneys are damaged. To avoid this mishap, there is nothing to do but discipline your eating. Check the food labels to see how much sodium per serving. The recommended intake is around 5-6 grams per day.

Be Wise with Meds, Supplements and Herbal Remedies

“Miracle” supplements including herbal remedies spring from one place to another and boasting various health claims. Don’t be easily swayed by these. Although they may be effective in providing the needed vitamins and minerals, it is best to take caution and ask a professional who knows which ones follow a quality standard process and can supplement the deficiency in your body’s nutrients. Standard Process ensures that all of their product have passed quality control to ensure that it is effective.

There is no hidden gem in keeping your kidneys happy. The key is really discipline. Eat what is good. Drink in moderation. Stay physically fit. It’s garbage in, garbage out. What you take in will either do you good or haunt you in the future.