Sports Club Management 101: The Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to successfully managing your sports club, it’s all about preparation. Without the proper preparation, you’ll find yourself completely overwhelmed, and the stress will probably be enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the trial and error process of having to deal with sports club management on your own. Here are just a few dos and don’ts to help you consider the direction you can take your sports club!

Do consider streamlining the tedious processes and systems

There are plenty of exciting things to do in sports club management – but successfully keeping it afloat also means having to deal with all of the tedium that comes with it. Consider taking advantage of programs such as club membership software free of charge. If there’s a system that takes far too long to accomplish, there’s probably a program out there that can help you. Work smarter, not harder!

Don’t ignore the possibility of affiliation

A National Governing Body is an organisation that can help elevate your sports club to professional levels. If you aren’t the type to manage a sports club for the casual fun of bringing the community together and have ambitions for more, then carefully consider what an NGB can provide for you. Don’t ignore the possibility of improving your sports club – otherwise, you’re just wasting potential.

Do make preparations before starting your sports club

Setting expectations is part of what trivialises the difficulty of sports club management. If you know the direction you’re taking your club and everyone working for you knows their responsibilities, it minimises risk and ensures that when something goes wrong – you’re completely prepared for it. If you aren’t sure where you want to take your sports club when you get it started, then consider staying within the casual landscape and concentrating on bringing the community together.

Don’t be vague with your members and middle management

It might feel a little overwhelming to have everyone looking to you for guidance, but it never helps to be vague and distracted when dealing with them. It’s all about communication and overall transparency. If you’re unable to keep everyone on the same page, your sports club is doomed to suffer continuous setbacks. This is why it’s important to make preparations before even starting your sports club – so that you have contingencies set up and so you’re completely aware of anything that might go wrong.

To conclude, running your sports club can be tricky and more than a little challenging. It requires a great deal of preparation beforehand, people skills to deal with those who join your organisation, and the will to keep going. If you have plans or ambitions for your club outside of get-togethers and community events, consider affiliating yourself with an NGB. There’s certainly a price of admission, but their ability to cultivate the potential of your sports club is more than worth it.