Jason Proch – Which EPL Team Best Suits Your Character

I came to America from the United Kingdom just over 2 years ago and during that time I have been trying my best to get my colleagues and business partners interested in English soccer. Soccer is gradually taking off in the US but the American market still haven’t quite bought into it. In my efforts to convince my business partner Jason Porch and the rest of the team, I have devised a way in which they can select their favorite team, to match it with their character. If you want to select and English soccer team to follow, here are some suggestions depending on what kind of person you are.

Instant Success – Man City

If you are the type of person who has no time for the struggle or the journey and you want instant success, Manchester City is the team for you. The Citizens as they are known were never a great team and they have a history of success which is almost non-existent. All this changed in 2008 when an Arab Sheikh decided that City would be his plaything and he injected huge amounts of money into the club. Now City have the best players and the best coach and as you can imagine, they are winning everything in sight.

The Hated – Chelsea

Do you enjoy getting on people’s backs? Are you the type of enjoys being disliked? If so then Chelsea is the side for you, backed by a Russian oligarch and with a history of playing football using the dark arts, Chelsea are the loathsome team that you need in your life. Chelsea will bring you success and their cycle is generally to win a league and then finish in 9th or 10th the following year, the players complain and leave, new blood comes in and they win the league again before repeating the cycle.

The Dreamer – Leicester

Leicester City were just 3 points from being relegated in 2014/15 yet somehow they went on to perform the unthinkable the year after and won the league title at odds of 5000/1. Leicester represent everyone who has never been given a chance and they are the perfect team for people who like long odds and chasing their dreams.

The Fancy Pants – Arsenal

If you consider yourself as a stylish person then Arsenal is the team for you, they may not win too many trophies but the football that they play is free-flowing and very attractive. Arsenal generally seem to place style above success, making them the perfect club for anyone who loves fashion and looking good.

The Let Down – Tottenham

If you re constantly letting people down at the last minute then north London side Tottenham will be perfect for you. This is a team which is competing at the top despite not having the money to do so and they have become experts and getting close to real success, only to falter at the last moment. You can expect a rollercoaster with this team, although it will almost always end in disappointment.

Which will be the team for you?