Stephen Varanko III – The Perfect Christmas Day

With Christmas just around the corner many of us in the office hav started talking about what our perfect Christmas day looks like. My colleague Stephen Varanko III has just asked me what mine was and to be honest I didn’t really have an answer right away. I thought then that I would take a while to think about it and then write an article explaining what my perfect day was, and encouraging you guys to come forward with yours. Without further ado then, here is my perfect Christmas day.


I don’t ave any children so it would have to take place at the house of my brother and his wife, with my 3 gorgeous nieces and nephews. I think kids are definitely required to have a great Christmas day.


For me there is only one way to start the morning and that is with presents, and plenty of them. Many people hate the commercial side of Christmas and I do agree that people shouldn’t be put under pressure to buy gifts if they can’t, but if you are able to then why not go crazy! After some unwrapping of gifts in the morning it would be time for some breakfast and I would enjoy some bucks fizz and a bacon sandwich, or perhaps a croissant.

The Dinner

I have prepared Christmas dinner before and whilst it did go well, I’d really rather not go through that again. My sister-in-law is a great cook and I know that she could do a wonderful dinner for us. I would want to eat roast turkey and all of the trimmings, complete with pigs in blankets, stuffing and plenty of roasted veggies, including sprouts. During the meal I would want everyone to have opened a cracker and be wearing their hats.


After dinner I would want to do very little indeed, probably sit in front of the television and watch some old classics like Only Fools and Horses. Around 5pm I would start to stir again and go and spend some quality time with the kids.


Once the kids are in bed I would like to sit down with some crackers and cheese and a nice drop of wine, and play a game with all of the adults. I love playing games on Christmas night, anything from quizzes to Pictionary or charades. For me this is the very best of Christmas, the family all together enjoying ourselves, and stuffing our faces.

Finally I would switch the television on around midnight to watch the boxing day test in Australia with my brother, it is after all the only time of the year that I actually watch cricket, and to be honest I only watch it because my brother likes it!

For me this is the perfect Christmas day and one which I have been lucky enough to enjoy on more than one occasion. What would your perfect Christmas day look like?