Matched Deposit Bonus in Online Slots Explained

When you register with an online casino, after you’ve put in all your personal details and maybe played a few demo slots to warm yourself up a bit, the time will come to deposit some funds – try Irish Luck Slots.

There are various ways of transferring money into your e-wallet, but in order to play on most of the slots games the online casino has to offer, you’ll need money in your account.

What is a deposit bonus?

For the sole act of depositing money into your online account, it’s likely that the casino will offer you some kind of bonus. Almost all of them will. If just one starts to do it, more people will sign up to that one, so others usually follow suit. As soon as one online casino makes an aggressive marketing move, rival online casinos will act in a similar way to avoid losing your custom. And who is this good for? That’s right – you, me, and the whole online community using the slots sites.

There are so many decent welcome promotions out there, as well as some very generous deposit bonuses as soon as you transfer over your cash.

Deposit bonuses come in different forms and each casino’s offers will vary from site to site. For this reason, it is important to read the rules of the specific bonus before you make your deposit.

So, what is a matched deposit bonus?

The matched deposit bonus is a monetary bonus that is offered to players when they fund their casino account. When you make your first transfer, you will receive an offer from the site to match whatever amount you deposit, up to a certain percentage.

For example, if the site is offering a 100% match bonus up to £200, they will give you an extra £200 if you deposit £200. Therefore, your total bankroll will then be £400.

It’s astute marketing on behalf of the casino sites, because in order to best make the most of this generous offer, it makes more sense to transfer over more of your money. There’s no use transferring over £25 as the matched amount will only be £25 too. When it comes to picking up what is essentially free money, it’s worth working out the highest amount you can possibly transfer over so that the online casino will match it exactly.

However, do bear in mind that these kinds of rewards often have limits as mentioned above. The gambling site will only match your deposit up to a certain percentage, so if the match bonus is capped at £200 and you deposit £300, your bonus will only be matched up to £200 too, leaving you with £500 and not £600.

This is to stop people transferring over vast sums of money and the online casino going bankrupt.

Can I use this money to play online slots?

You can use the money that’s been matched by the casino to play any online slots game at that specific casino as the money credited to you is real money to use on the site.