The Top 5 Sugar Daddy Sites to Meet a Real Sugar Daddy

When you are looking for love, there are lots of online dating sites that you can join, with each guaranteeing that you will meet the person of your dreams. The real truth is that whether it is, Tinder, or one of the dozens of others, you have to be prepared to take a chance because the odds are that many potential significant others you will meet on these sites are either not being honest about who they really are or, are not serious about a relationship. Most people who join these sites understand this fact and put up with it because they are willing to take a chance to find love.

In term so of those looking for a specific type of dating site, the demands are different. If you are clear about exactly what you want, you expect the site to be filled with the types of dates you request and you to not have to figure out if the person is really what they claim.

One great example is Sugar Daddy dating sites, where instead of a focus on dating there is more of an emphasis on a relationship treated like a transaction. The men who post on these sties know exactly what they want. They have done well financially and are looking for a special lady that they can spend time with, pamper, and shower with luxury items. They want to be sure that the lady they engage with is who and what she says, and that the dating environment is safe for them.

For the women who post on these sites, their desires are also clear. They want to engage with men who are financially able and willing to pamper them with the best of everything, and who can pay their bills. There is also a possibility of a long term and mutually beneficial relationship but that is not the goals of the desire to pair up. It is very important that this type of dating website have all of the necessary features including safety and ideal matching algorithms that these two groups demand.

The best Sugar Daddy websites deliver what is needed for both Sugardaddies and Sugarbabies. Here is a list of the top sites out there today:


In terms of rating is the top sugar Daddy website out there. This more than 15 year old site has been in the lead for a long time now and excels at attracting eager, and anxious wealthy men looking for a relationship with quality attractive women. Most of the women here are young and very attractive which is probably one of the reasons so many men are here and happy.


Perhaps the classiest women can be found on our @2 Sugar Daddy site, offers potential new members an advance view of the 100 most recent users to join. You cand view their ages, photos, were they are located, a brief description of each person and what they are looking to get out of the relationship.This site has done a great job marketing itself on television, and other media since its start in 2002, including on top talks shows like Dr. Phil. Young, attractive and classy women who might list themselves on several sites will always use as their first choice.


For the hottest trending Sugar Daddy website, focus your attention on This site is the coolest looking and attracts an amazing amount of beautiful young Sugarbabies. The site is also huge international. In fact it is the most popular Sugar Daddy website in 139 countries and offer Sugarbabies in 11 different languages. For those Sugar Daddies who travel constantly, this site is the best bet to find someone on the road.


For the past 12 years, has been a primary destination for Sugar Daddies and Sugarbabies looking for each other. The site is huge with more than 4 million members and a fat growing membership of more than 2,000 every day. People definitely come because of the wide selection of choices but it can get a bit overwhelming with so many here. Part of the attraction to the site is the three day trial membership that is it offers. New members can use the site and see if they love it, before a payment is made. Many find that they like what they see and decide to become a full member.


If you want to be 100% sure about your security and anonymity, is the place. This exclusive Sugar Daddy site focuses primarily on the US and Canada and is a first choice for young attractive Sugarbabies wanting to make themselves available for Sugar Daddies. All profiles are anonymous so Sugardaddies can be sure that things will be discreet, and Sugarbabies can be sure that the men they connect with are who they say.

Any of the top five sites can connect parties looking for many choices. They each offer apps that let you know when you have made a connection and give you an ability to hide from anyone you would like. The choice comes down to the way the sites work, the cost, and the selection of candidates they have available that fit your taste.