Online Slot Machine Myths  

Taking part in slot machine games, poker and betting, in general, have long been activities that gamblers and game lovers enjoy at their spare time. There have been numerous changes made to these games when talking about the way they look and improving the user experience. However, the rules rarely experience changes throughout these years, asides for the point that it is now a possibility to play slot games and other casino games online. We can all say thanks to the virtual world for the numerous goodies and giving us great chances to enjoy our favourite casino games. While you can join other players in benefiting from the hot tips from Mr Green casino, we would have a look at the several slot machine myths that we should break free from.


Taking a Look at Some of the Popular Busted Slot Games Legends

–       A slot machine that has not paid in a while should be due to hit anytime soon: This is a very wrong perception. There is no such thing as a slot machine being due to hit because every spin on the machine has an equal opportunity of giving a jackpot. So, there’s no true reason to think that there is a set amount of spins between the jackpots programmed in the machine.

–       Forget about playing on a machine that has just paid a jackpot: Just as stated above, every spin has the same chance of winning a jackpot even after or before a jackpot. So, keep playing because your odds of winning are not affected by a recent jackpot.

–       Dragging the handle is better than pressing it: the way you decide to trigger the wheel does not have any influence on the outcome of the game. As logical as it might seem, both dragging and pushing have the same effect on the game. These tasks are assigned to send a command for the slot machine to select a pattern before setting the reels in motion. The handle generally is just there to give this signal; it has no more than a sentimental value.

–       The three reel slots give better winning chances than the five reel slots: It is time to leave the group of people that share such a belief. Winning on a slot machine entirely has nothing to do with the number of reels that the machine has. Actually, the winning probabilities of slot machines are the same, irrespective of having five or three reels.

–       You stand a better chance of hitting the jackpot on a warm slot machine: Having such an idea is somewhat primitive. The increase in temperature of a slot machine is simply because of the light bulbs that are persistently blinking in it. This is entirely not related to the chances that the machine gives or how your jackpot goal can be achieved.

If you are a newcomer or a fan of the slot machine games and you share some of these views, it is high time you got enlightened. Don’t let these flimsy makeups disturb the way you enjoy your favourite slot game.