Top Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Tis the season. For stressing out over what to buy your loved ones, pushing through crowds at the malls, waiting in security lines at the airport, and having too much to eat and drink at dinners and parties. Not to mention, we still have all our ordinary duties and responsibilities to get done, like grocery shopping, paying bills, getting the kids to school, et cetera.

But let’s not forget the importance of having fun and enjoying ourselves during the holidays. After all, they only come around once a year and represent a joyous occasion in the lives of millions of people around the world. With this in mind, consider the following tips for surviving the holidays and better yet, having a great time in the process:

Keep it sweet and simple

When it comes to the stress of gift-buying, the only way to make it worse is by overthinking it. While you should spend some time thinking of what to get those closest to you, opt for a simplified way of getting everyone else something special. For instance, the seasonal gift boxes sold by gifting companies typically come in a wide variety of configurations. Given the diversity within a specific brand, why not get everyone on your extended list their very own individualized gift box? That way everyone gets something unique while you only had to do business with one service.

Mitigate your indulgence

For many people, the holidays mean an uptick in calories and alcohol consumption. In fact, the holidays really aren’t the same if you aren’t indulging a little bit. With that said, those who feel guilty and worried about overdoing it can take steps to mitigate the negative effects. For instance, taking the time to research how to cure a hangover can help avoid having to call in sick at work the next day. Another example would be deciding to start exercising now rather than wait till the new year, in order to get a jump on all that plump you’ve accumulated.

Be prepared for travel

There are certain stress-inducing aspects of travel, whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, that are difficult if not impossible to avoid. Delays, cramped seating, going through checkpoints, et cetera. However, being prepared for your upcoming holiday travel is the surest way to cut down on the amount of stress you experience. For instance, taking 20 minutes to read the current airport security screening protocols can ensure you pack and dress in a way which gets you through faster and without being stopped. Those planning on driving long distances can do a basic check-up on the oil and antifreeze levels, as well as tire conditions, to make sure their car is up for the trip.

The holidays are a paradoxical time of year. The atmospherics promote happiness and harmony, meanwhile, we’re internally stressed out and uncertain. By taking steps to plan for, and around, the common sources of holiday stress, we can help ensure this special time of year is as joyous and peaceful as it’s hyped up to be.