Cast off the Corporate – 6 Event Hosting Tips That Step Outside the Business Box

Many companies will offer something simple as the backdrop for their corporate event, such as a few drinks at a local bar. But have you ever wanted to do something a bit less…corporate?

The best corporate event ideas mix business with fun, ensuring that the festivities aren’t a snooze fest for attendees. However, one of the most challenging aspects of corporate event planning is coming up with a unique idea. Follow these six event hosting tips to step outside the business box, and bring life back into the corporate event!

1. Themed Corporate Event Ideas

Creating a theme for a corporate event is a great way to create an immersive experience for your guests to enjoy, and helps them to forget the ‘corporate’ nature of the event. Committing to a themed event means transforming the venue from the moment the guests arrive, asking guests and staff to dress within the theme and provide on-theme catering. Investing in photo booth hire in Sydney is a great way to capture your guests having fun and provide lasting memories for your attendees to take away.

Some themed corporate event ideas to elevate your corporate events include:

  • Masquerade
  • Circus
  • Around the World
  • Through the Decades
  • Flashdance

2. Pay It Forward

Including a charitable component within a corporate event is a great way to boost company morale, reinforce the company’s commitment to philanthropy and make a difference to those who are less fortunate.

Flashy and expensive events can often generate negative PR, as lets face it, there are more important ways to spend extra business dollars! Therefore, consider skill-based volunteering, where employees can put their professional skills to work for a nonprofit. Other charitable corporate event ideas include:

  • Hosting a benefit for a local charity
  • Helping at a local soup kitchen or shelter
  • Hosting a charitable fun-run

3. Team Building Events

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful. So, it’s time to ditch the egg and spoon races and try these fun team building exercises.

  • Scavenger Hunt: An oldie but a goodie, a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to unite the whole team with a common goal. Make it interesting with funny clues and good prizes
  • Beach Olympics: It’s always a good idea to get your team out of the office. Hosting a beach olympics is a great way to reward teamwork and enjoy mother nature.
  • Paintball: Paintball is one of the most popular choices for corporate events, encouraging employees to relieve stress through a fun activity while promoting teamwork in an interactive environment.

4. Embrace Technology

Utilising technology is a great way to spice up a traditional corporate event. If you are within the technology sector, embracing technology to display your latest products is essential.

Virtual reality has become an extremely popular tool for modern corporate events, keeping your guests interested and having fun throughout the entirety of the event. Another idea is to create a digital graffiti wall where attendees can let out their inner creatives and feel immersed within the experience.

5. Activities = Icebreakers 

Even for the most extroverted, it can be hard to enter a room where you don’t know anyone and strike up a conversation. As corporate crowds grow bigger, it can be even more challenging for attendees to connect authentically. Organizing big crowds into smaller groups for activities, can make real conversation more achievable.

Organising activities at corporate events is a great way for your attendees to find similarities, and unite people from all professional backgrounds. Some ice-breaking activities to try at your next event include:

  • Shared storytelling
  • Speed networking
  • Trivia
  • Celebrity Heads

If multiple activities are available, an easy to read timetable ensures that your guests can choose the activities that best suit them, and can navigate the event without getting lost.

6. Pop-Up Events

More companies are turning to pop-up events and stores to increase brand awareness. As the pop-up concept has caught on, multiple businesses have embraced it for their annual corporate events. This intrigue and excitement is why pop up events are so successful, and why guests will be clamouring in line to attend your event.


Corporate events are a great way to show off your company brand and your unique products. It’s time to ditch the cliche office christmas parties, and create a unique event to keep your guests talking long after they leave.