Receivables Performance Management Reviews

Cash flow problems are a major issue for every company. Efficient accounts receivable management would help to minimize liquidity problems. Receivables Performance Management Reviews helps recognizing the importance of proper cash flow management, the challenges faced by credit executives and the importance to any business of maximizing their financial position, Receivables Performance Management (RPM) provides a unique approach with real results.

The company was founded by Henry George in March of 2002. Prior to forming the company, Henry was the Vice President of Western Region Telecoms and Utilities Division for OSI Collection Services Inc. He has worked in the collections industry since 1983 and gained numerous experience and expertise in various aspects of accounts receivable management.

While working for OSI Collections Inc, Henry was responsible for portfolio assignments of over $400 million, $16 Million in annual revenues and $71 million in collections. RPM’s executive team compromises of highly experienced professionals with a collective total experience of more than 180 years.

RPM’s wide variety of professional services include inbound and outbound services, customized dunning notice services, early age reactivation services, small balance portfolio services and late-stage services, among others. The company has a dedicated team of analysts to provide accounts receivable services in industries such as bankcard and financial services, commercial, national legal services, retail, utilities, telecommunications as well as state and local government.

Customized ApproachRPM is more than an accounts receivables management company. They provide a unique approach to every client based on industry trends and practices. Seasoned professionals offer personal service and attention to get the best understanding of a client’s process before developing a strategy for managing the accounts receivable. Utilizing their experience and resources at their disposal, the company’s experts work to provide sustainable solutions that suit the client’s image.


In keeping up with today’s fast-paced economy, RPM leverages modern sophisticated technology to provide efficient and standardized results. The company also recognizes the need for data security and works to ensure all client information is handled safely and confidentially. RPM prides itself in keeping up to date with the most recent technological advances to meet industry demands.

Quality Assurance

RPM values every client and provides its services with customer satisfaction in mind. To ensure all client needs and demands are met, the company provides periodic and comprehensive reports on the performance of client accounts. Reports are customized to be specific to client needs and requests. The analytics team monitors and provides up-to-date information and data that helps improve customer service and the accounts receivable inventory as well. The business embraces a model based on nurturing lasting relationships rather than short term gain.

Visionary leadership, operational and analytical expertise and state of the art technology have created the ideal mix of tools for RPM to guarantee exceptional performance to its clients. The company’s full-service provision also involves providing unique insight, strategic management information and analytics in highly competitive environments. RPM stands out for its professionalism, team of experts and outstanding results. The company maintains excellent customer service and communication to help serve clients better.