Best Gifts That Can Fit Through a Letterbox

Sending gifts is a wonderful thing. But no one wants to deal with that dreaded “sorry you were out” card on the mat when they come home from work. It just means hassle rearranging delivery, going round to a neighbour’s to pick up the parcel or even standing in the queue at the post office in your lunch break. Much better to send someone a gift that is guaranteed to fit through their letterbox. Today there are all kinds of ingenious gifts that are easy to order and easy to receive. Here are a few favourites:

1. Personalised Chocolate 

Choose to send a message in personalised chocolate – spell out the recipient’s name in chocolate letters, add a photo and note, and you have the ideal gift for any occasion from birthday to good luck message. Most chocolate delivery firms have the right idea to package their chocolate in boxes that are slim enough to fit through standard letter boxes.

2. Cakes Through Your Door

Did you ever consider the idea of sending a cake through the post? This sounds like a risky idea, but there are specialist companies that create delicious cakes packed in secure containers that still fit direct through the door. You can also find personalised cakes for delivery.

3. Letterbox Florals

Most bunches of flowers need to be picked up by someone in the house, but there are options available that come in individual wrappings and that fit through a door. With a variety of innovative ways to keep the flowers fresh, there is really no need to order a huge bouquet unless you really want to.

4. Food Hampers for the Letterbox

Choose a selection of food that will fit in a slim box that goes through the door. There are many options, from mini jars to biscuits, coffee packets to teabags. Most of the contents of these food hampers are really well packed into a nice attractive package, which means the gift looks good when it is passed through the door.

5. Makeup Favourites 

Choose a gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves and send them a package of specially chosen makeup gifts, or send a service that includes small trial sizes of luxury cosmetics that comes through the door once a month. You can even send gifts or perfume that ably fit through the letterbox, provided they are nicely and safely packaged to survive the journey by post.

Image: Image courtesy of Simon Howden/