Loyalty Rewards for Slots: What are they? 

Online gambling is an ever-growing industry that needs to constantly evolve and develop to survive the test of time. There are more and more ways to spend your money online, and with more online slot sites trading than ever before, how can online casinos such as www.ukonlineslots.com trust that their customers will be loyal to their brand? The short answer is, by making it a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience for them. Loyalty cards are just one way that online slots sites can achieve this. 

What are Loyalty Rewards? 

For most online slot sites, Loyalty rewards are a type of program or ‘system’ in which gradual rewards are given to an online casino’s most loyal customers. This gives the casino the confidence that the player will keep coming back and gives the player the confidence that their loyalty to their casino will be repaid with rewards. Long-term players benefit the most from this system, with bigger and bigger rewards getting dished out by the casino to the biggest fish in their pond. The small fries may come and go, but it’s the big spenders and big winners that the casino want to reward. 

How much better is it for the players? 

Whilst loyalty rewards sound very enticing to the big players out there, are they the real thing? Do they ACTUALLY help out the player? Well, here’s how it works: 

Casinos are most likely to reward their high rolling, big spending players in one of two different ways: 

  1. Every single time a player pulls a slot, a special type of ‘casino currency’ is earned. Once players have built up enough casino currency, they’re able to either spend it on more online slots, OR they might be able to convert the E-currency into bonuses on their next slot. 
  2. If the online slots that you’re playing has different levels or ‘tiers’, then the loyalty rewards might take the form of steadily increasing bonuses for each new level of the game you’re playing. On level 10 you might experience a 10% bonus loyalty reward, and on level 20 that bonus could go up to 20%. 

It is common for a casino to develop their own in-house currency for online slot loyalty rewards, and some of you high rollers might be a little surprised by how substantial these loyalty rewards can be. Casinos DO NOT want to see you take your money elsewhere, win or lose, they want to keep you happy and having fun, not seeing what other casinos might be offering.

Reward Tiers 

Depending on how much you spend, or what loyalty reward tier you’re signed up to, online slots can be more and more lucrative for you. Here’s an example of how an online slot site might frame their loyalty reward tiers: 

Level                       Points earned per slot game

1                              6

2                          8

3                              10.5

4                              13

5                              16 

If you have a favourite slot site that you always use, then consider checking out what loyalty rewards they have on offer, because it could give you the upper hand next time you’re playing for the big bucks!