Best Nordic casino-cruises to take in your life

Cruises have been favored by vacationists for a long time. There are various demographics that prefer to spend their free days on a ship visiting different cities every day. As enjoyable as the prospect of seeing many interesting places might seem, there are only so many activities the travelers can entertain themselves with on the sea. For a long time, casinos have been a big part of cruises. People spend their days walking through cities or at the pool on the ship, while the evenings are reserved for gambling and poker tables. Not all cruises are able to provide the same level of casinos on board. Here are some of the best Nordic casino-cruises you might want to include in your vacations plans (we thank for their broad review of the top Nordic casino-cruises).

Norwegian Cruise Line – Scandinavia, Russia and Baltic

Norwegian offers a 7 day Scandinavia, Russia & Baltic cruise. NCL has one of the youngest fleets with most of its ships having been built in 2018. Its services are distinguished by the focus on onboard entertainment. Guests can enjoy Broadway shows as well as acrobatics and music concerts. Dining on Norwegian is also very enjoyable as there are no fixed times and the guests have many options that range from high-class European cuisine to burger bars and so on. On the 7-day cruise travelers will have a chance to see Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Royal Caribbean – Norwegian Fjords

7-night Norwegian Fjords cruise offered by Royal Caribbean is another great option for people who are interested in visiting the Nordic countries. The award-winning cruise line offers some of the best entertainment on board. Its ships have a very appealing nightlife and casinos that offer baccarat, video slots, video poker, roulette and other games. The ship departs from Copenhagen and visits several Norwegian cities including Stavanger, Alesund, Bergen and Geiranger before going back to Copenhagen.

Royal Caribbean – Scandinavia and Russia

Another 7-night cruise offered by Royal Caribbean also departs from Copenhagen. Guests will get a chance to visit Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and then return back to Copenhagen. Besides the multitude of entertainment options onboard, the travelers will get to experience the best of the northern European architecture.

Holland America – Baltic and Viking Sagas

For those who want to spend a little more time vacationing, Holland America offers a 19-day Baltic and Viking Saga cruise. Some of the entertainment options offered by the line include live music, movies, bars, nightlife and casinos. “From perennially popular slot machines and blackjack tables to the latest in sophisticated gaming, the Casino offers games for all levels, staffed with professionals eager to help you learn new skills,” – advertises the company’s website. The ship departs from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and stops in the cities of Copenhagen, Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and other locations in Norway before returning back to Rotterdam.