They Are Successful In Gambling Business

There are many ways to collect treasures in coffers, from investment to gambling business. Citing from one of betting site M88 Asia there are some of the richest people in the world whose wealth reaches Rp 400 a trillion for success in the gambling business. Here’s the list:

Sheldon Gary Adelson

The first person who succeeds to run his business in betting based on M88 Asia is, Sheldon Gary Adelson became the richest man by Forbes magazine 2017. His wealth reached the US $ 34.9 billion or approximately Rp 464.17 trillion (exchange rate Rp 13.300). The 83-year-old man is a Commissioner and President Director of Las Vegas Sands a property developer that provides world class gambling facilities, entertainment centres, hotels, convention centres to restaurants.

United States Man (US) build this company in August 2004 then. As of May 2017, the market capitalization of Las Vegas Sands reached the US $ 44.6 billion or around Rp 593.18 trillion.

He is also a supporter of the US President, known to have donated the US $ 5 million or around Rp 66.5 billion to Donald Trump. Then he also once poured funds of US $ 40 million to support the US presidential election congress.

Johann Graf

Based on M88 Asia, the second man who success running his business in betting business is This Austrian man has a wealth of US $ 7.2 trillion or Rp 93.6 trillion of the gambling business. He founded a company called Novomatic Group which is one of the largest gambling machine providers in the world.

The proceeds have reached the US $ 2 billion or around Rp 26 trillion. His gambling game has been exported to more than 80 countries. Novomatic operates gambling machines such as video poker games, video lottery, multiplayer games and electronic gambling tables.

Mark Scheinberg

The man born in Israel 43 years ago, left college and worked in the field of hospitality and travel, before finally he successfully gambling online business at the age of 28 years.

He and his father, Isai Scheinberg managed to deliver PokerStars to the world’s largest online gambling game. Established in 2001, the company left Costa Rica and then moved to the Isle of Man.

In 2014, the parent company of PokerStars’ Rational Group (owner of Full Tilt Poker), sold the stake to Amaya for the US $ 4.9 billion and is currently based in Montreal. Scheinberg is one of the largest shareholders in Rational Group.