How to Stand Out in an Online Dating Chat Room

Standing out from the rest of regular chatters in an online dating chat room isn’t as much of a hassle as you might think it would be. All you need is the right attitude, a good personality, and patience. In fact, it’s no different than trying to make a good impression when you are out at the club or mingling at a party. The only difference is that you are going to have to rely on your words work in your favor, instead of relying on your handsome physique and charming smile.

Here are some ways that you can establish yourself in an online dating chat room and have people vie for your attention.

Choose Your Words Wisely – One of the most effective ways to stand out in an online dating chat room is by having a well-rounded and refined vocabulary. While this doesn’t mean that you have to write like a Pulitzer Prize winning author, it does mean that you should use language that shows you know what a book is. It is also a smart idea to know a little about the general topics that might come up in the chat room. There’s no point in logging in if you’re going to be a wallflower, right?

Use Your Words to Flirt – In real life, flirting is more than trying to woo someone, it’s an art form that many think they understand, but few can master. In a chat room, you have to hone your skills so that you are confident enough to flirt with your words. When you’re talking to someone, feel free to offer a compliment now and again, or show your appreciation when someone agrees with something you say. You can use an emoticon to help convey your feelings, but just don’t go overboard!

Create a Curtain of Mystery – One of the most effective ways to grab people’s attention in an online dating chat room is by creating a bit of mystery about yourself. Sure, you’re going to want to talk about your hobbies and general interests, but you don’t want to go into too much detail. In the chat room, the fewer people know about you, the more intrigued they’ll be and will want to get to know the real you.

Choose an Awesome Avatar – Most chat rooms will allow you to use a picture as well as a screen name. If you want people to notice you, this is your chance to show them what you look like. You have the option of using a photograph where you’re looking amazing, or, if you want to stick to that air of mystery plan, choose an image that represents you. Let say; you are an artist, and you’re proud of your art. Make your profile picture one of your favorite paintings that you’ve created. The choice is yours, just be mindful not to go the controversial route or be offensive.

Re-Work Your Bio – Most online dating chat rooms will give you the ability to create a profile that other chatters can check out. Now is your chance to tell them a little more about who you are, what you do for work, and anything else that you think people would find interesting. Be creative, be interesting, and most of all, be yourself!