Starting a side business: what you need to know

Starting a side business is as easy as cracking a laptop these days

Photo by CC user sakuraismjp0 on Pixabay.

Is starting a side business to earn some extra cash on your to-do list? Are you limited on time or money? Not to worry, as we have compiled a short list of some quick and easy options to get you started.

Online Selling

We are all guilty of purchasing countless items on eBay. If you want to make extra cash don’t just buy from eBay but sell as well. If you are already a customer you will have built up a good profile if you have never used eBay before the best thing is, it’s free to join.

There is no reason to invest in a large amount of stock to sell. You can simply start by selling what you have lying around the house, for example, unwanted DVDs, books, clothes and electrical items.

Handy Man

Are you a DIY expert? Then why not offer your services to your neighbours. Especially of you have elderly neighbours who may need the help. Offer to mow lawns, cut hedges, out up shelves etc. Again you don’t need cash to start this up all you need is a couple of hours a day.

Delivery Driver

If you love driving, then becoming a part-time courier could be an excellent side business for you. For this, you will need some cash to ensure you have the right insurance. You don’t necessarily need a van for this you can also become a courier using your bike or car.

You can advertise on Social media or in your local supermarkets. Do an excellent job and soon word of mouth will spread.

If you find it difficult to find courier jobs you can sign up for free to websites like Shiply, where you can bid for jobs local to you and you will only be charged when work is secured.

Outsource your skills.

Do you have a special sought after skill like programming or social media marketing? Then why not outsource your skill and get paid for it while building up your own portfolio. Sign up to websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

These are a just a few ways you can earn extra cash on the side, there are plenty of other options available such as carpooling, babysitting, blogging and busking. So, if you are strapped for cash then get started on one of the above ideas or put your thinking hat on and get creative with other ideas.