Dating after 50: what one can expect

Dating after 50 is much better than you've likely been expecting ... Photo by CDC/ Dawn Arlotta via

Photo by CDC/ Dawn Arlotta via

Most of us expect to have found a life partner before we reach the end of our thirties (if not earlier), but of course that is not the case for everyone. There are indeed lots of us in our later years who are still single, looking for the love of our lives or even just a companion. Some of us never really found the right partner whilst others have has life throwing hardships at us such loss or divorce. We all deserve a chance at happiness, but getting back into dating after 50 can be hard for some of us.

Too long being single

Whilst most of us will feel the loneliness, being single is something we can all get comfortable with; too comfortable at times. Being single allows us to keep our freedom so we can live the way we want without having to report to anyone else. This is why being single can get too comfortable, to the point where we can forget how good it feels to our life with someone else. The truth is that we only get gets more anchored into our own habits as we grow older, making it difficult to break out of our daily routines. But of course, staying single for a long time becomes a very lonely place to be.

Breaking old habits

Sometimes we are so stuck into our own habits that we can fail to recognise that we are lonely and unhappy. It is important to acknowledge that we could be happier. The best way to increase our happiness is to start living it for others, as taking people in and caring for them will bring us more happiness than any act we can do for ourselves. It is easy to forget about that when living a single life, and getting back into dating after 50 can really bring that much needed happiness back to our lives.

Dating after all these years

Meeting new people can be difficult, especially after living by our own rules for so long. However, dating is actually not as hard as it once was, with the internet making it easier to find new people. Going online, it is amazing to see how many people of our age are using a senior dating site to find new life companions. By doing so we realise that we are not alone out there and there are others out waiting to bring someone new into their lives.

Confidence comes with being careful when dating after 50…

Technology can help us to meet new people, but we still need to keep our guards up. A lot of us will most likely be weary and untrusting of meeting new people after spending a long time being single. The best thing to do is to use those cautious feelings to make sure we are careful and that we don’t end up meeting the wrong people. Thinking critically will allow us to filter through all those online dating profiles and we will be able to spot which ones are just too good to be true. This will help keeping us safe from fraudulent and dishonest characters. Furthermore, we have spent enough time as a single person that we actually know ourselves so it won’t be hard to describe who we are on our dating profile. The best thing to do is to portray ourselves in a confident and positive manner and by doing so we should be able to avoid the wrong people, instead finding the right companion for us.