How to stay up to date with economic news

From newspapers to TV to the internet, staying on top of economic news has never been easier ... Photo by CC user Unsplash on Flickr

Photo by CC user Unsplash on Flickr

The world around us is moving at the speed of light. Yet it is a common fact that the information is a new oil. Staying up to date with the most recent developments allows us to take a more informed, hence better, decisions. This is not only vital for conducting a business, but also for your daily live. For example, If you know that a dollar is getting stronger against euro, you can surely visit Europe at much lower costs. Today we are going to guide you on how to keep up with economic news in an easy way.

Bloomberg TV

One of the most convenient ways to get market updates is still a brick and mortar one – the television. However, you do have to choose the best sources of information. Known for its superior trading tool – Bloomberg terminal, this station has access to nearly every piece of the data that is likely to impact the economies. By watching Bloomberg TV you can get quick snapshots of world’s leading economies and receive a well-filtered data. Next to this, there is an online edition of this channel, so you can easily view it on your smartphone or a tablet device. A great choice for those who are on the go!

Economic Calendar

Many of us don’t really have time to wait for a pretty girl on a tv to announce certain news. This is where macroeconomic calendars comes handy. If you are into currencies, you might find Admiral Markets Economic Calendar quite useful. What’s great about it is that it is very easy to read and to understand. You can preview the time of a certain event, the country of its origin, a currency it is likely to impact, previous and forecasted values. More importantly, such calendars are updated in real-time, so simply taking a look at it every now and then can give you a good, numeric, overview on the economic developments of different countries. This is a great option for those that want to get frequent updates that only take a few seconds to consume.


One of the best sources of news is user generated content. It may be the case that certain economic news is missed on the TV or is just not expected at all, hence not listed in the calendar. Yet it is not possible for an important event to pass by without being noticed. Keep an eye on the hashtags (tip: check country’s hashtags) to preview the most interesting news published and shared on twitter.

Conclusion: there are many sources of economic news

In the times of saturated information it is often difficult to stay informed. Too much information is never good as it does not bring clearance. By limiting your news sources to Bloomberg TV, Economic Calendar and Twitter you are able to get the data of the best quality without spending too much time on its consumption. As a result, you will become a well-informed person with enough time to actually extract the benefits from this information. Later you can use this knowledge in trading, investments, tourism or many other fields.