The Golden Age of Dating?

When we look at what is happening to the world of dating, there is no doubt that it has evolved a lot; especially over the past few years since the rise of the internet. Now that we are able to communicate instantly to people across the globe using messages or video conferencing and are able to do it essentially for free, our outlook on who to go out with has certainly evolved to a point where we simply have more choice. But is it really a good thing, or are we losing the charms and magic of traditional dating?


Traditional dating

Back in the days before the internet, we had to go out and meet new people in social venues such as bars, cafes and nightclubs. Once there we would have to summon all the courage we could get (often helped by a bit of alcohol) and just start chatting face to face to the person we took a fancy towards. Whilst this could be a very difficult thing to do, especially for those of us who are timid in nature; it portrayed the idea that dating was something you had to earn, it wasn’t just given to you, especially if you weren’t blessed with the best looks. This is why being successful at dating using traditional methods was always its own reward; like something you worked really hard on to make it successful.

On the other side, it meant that you had to take the time to go out and that would also end up costing some; if not a lot of money. All of this without any guarantees of success, so you would end-up going home alone more often than not. But still at least you could have a good night out showing your moves on the dancefloor so even if you weren’t successful at bringing someone home, you were still able to blow off some steam.

Modern dating

The plethora of different dating niches available online now means that you can choose people who want the same thing you do, all from the comfort of your own home. Sure it lacks the charms of going out and talking to real people, but it adds the new feeling of excitement we get from talking to someone new online. People who are looking for a relationship can use traditional dating websites while the more adventurous people can find girls for sex on or any other naughty dating sites.

It might sound surprising but those sort of sites are actually getting really popular, and for a reason: they are very easy to use and they work. Sure you will have to spend some time before people start responding to your profile, but at least you are going somewhere where people are looking for the same thing as you. No asking that awkward sex question to the wrong person, and no need to pretend and lie about wanting something serious when all you want is to have fun.

So looking at it objectively, dating has lost some of its traditional charms, but it has certainly emerged as being much easier now than ever before. And for what charms it has lost, it has gained some new ones such as online chat or the excitement of receiving a message responding to our online dating profile. All that new internet technology is very useful indeed, and we can say that it is indeed contributing to our modern days being the golden age of dating.