Top 3 Ways to Accessorize Your Car

There are many Ways to Accessorize Your Car

We express ourselves through our clothing, makeup, hairstyles, and also through our choice of cars. Besides the make and model of your vehicle, there are a variety of accessories that can spruce up the inside as well as the outside of your vehicle, which can be seen as a sort of accessory for your car.

Some accessories are simply for decoration, others are to increase your safety while driving. Car decor can express your personality and send a message to other drivers, make it easier to find your car in a crowded parking lot or all of the above. 


While there are many ways to accessorize your car on its exterior, there are a multitude of interior decorations that can lift your spirits as well as offering some entertainment.  Fuzzy dice are a popular and timeless accessory that hangs from your rear view mirror and shows everyone how cool you are. The dice come in a variety of colors, and can be customized to fit your car’s personality and interior colors.

Air fresheners have also been a common and useful item, and now they have almost created their own industry. Sure, you can still get the basic green tree cutout, but now there are stores selling exotic scents on decorated cards; some with quotes, others printed on animals or landscapes. Not only do they smell good, but they also show a little of your artsy side to those who ride along with you.


In regards to safety, there are certain vehicle accessories that can increase your awareness while driving. For example, there are attachments for your phone that hook into your car’s dashboard so you can become hands-free. This keeps your phone out of your hands but you can still clearly see and hear directions. These hands-free devices can also allow you to play your pre-programmed playlist or listen to an audio book on defensive driving courses for NY, which will help you learn invaluable skills and can reduce your points while you are driving. 

Another helpful accessory for inside the car is a soft block you can put in between your seat and console. This device fills up the empty space between the seat and gear shift, so you don’t lose items into this great abyss, and get distracted enough to cause an accident.

Back up cameras can be installed in your car, a more technologically advanced device that will give you the rear view of your car when you are in reverse. This gives you an extra perspective on how close you are to other objects and vehicles, and you don’t have to strain your neck as much turning all the way around to double check that no one is really behind you. 


Other accessories are for decoration with other hidden purposes. An LED license plate holder can give the car behind you some entertainment. The same goes for custom license plates; I personally have spent half a day trying to decode the bizarre mix of letters and numbers into something coherent. These accessories also help the owner find their car.

Exterior car decorations like bumper stickers can show your personality in a few words or pictures. I am always surprised by the bumper stickers that people put (and keep) on their cars. Decades old political campaign stickers, those co-exist stickers, even the ones touting beliefs on gun control, express your opinions and when you place them on your car, you want them to be shared with the world.

A certain group of people exist that like to decorate their car along with the holiday season. I have seen skeletons on the front grill of an SUV for Halloween, football flags waving proudly around Super Bowl time, and full Christmas wreaths and reindeer nose and antlers for the holiday season. If you belong to this group, then just make sure your seasonal car decorations do not encourage distracted driving.

Car accessories can brighten up your day, keep you safe, show your personality, expand your defensive driving skills, and start conversation topics. We spend so much time in our vehicles and commuting, we might as well accessorize. Even if you choose not to accessorize your car, that makes a statement. The way we accessorize and present the interior and exterior of our cars tells a lot about who you are as a person.