Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Companies

If you have a product or service to sell, and you want to take advantage of every marketing avenue available, you can’t afford to overlook affiliate marketing companies. These companies bring marketers to you, who you don’t have to pay upfront; instead, you offer them a commission on sales that their efforts create. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, but how do you choose the best affiliate marketing companies for the job?


The Features You Need

The leading affiliate marketing companies often look very similar; they often offer similar features, commission rates, and other terms. If you’ve never considered using affiliate marketing companies before, you may not be totally sure what features you need. These are the features that you should look for:

  • A large network that includes multiple avenues for their affiliates to market your product. Social media, blogging, and email campaigns are all common.
  • Monitoring or tracking services. In order to pay commissions to affiliates, clicks, impressions, views, or purchases have to be tracked. You need to know which partner’s ads led to a sale in order to pay them. The leading affiliate marketing companies have tracking services that allow you to delegate this task entirely.
  • Optimization and other marketing services. Some businesses choose to create their own advertisements for affiliate marketing companies to give to their partners. This would allow you to control exactly how your product is presented. However, there may be times when it is better for affiliates to naturally include their own SEO techniques to produce better results with their specific audience.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Companies

The leading affiliate marketing companies bring in more than 10 million dollars every year in revenue for their business partners. These are companies that know precisely how to create, implement, and promote successful campaigns. Most have at least 50 full-time employees, but many have more than 100 full-time advertisers that are dedicated to making their living by selling your products. These affiliate marketing companies include:

  • VJG Interactive: This company has spearheaded campaigns for Subway, ACE Hardware, Circuit City, and other major retailers. With more than 600 active clients, and a more than 98% retention rate, this affiliate marketing company knows exactly what it takes to help you succeed.
  • Bruce Clay: From running campaigns for LL Bean, to being the leading affiliate marketing company for Century 21, this company is a major player in the affiliate business. They currently have around 200 active clients, but after 20 years in the business, they can afford to be choosy about who they’ll work with.
  • SEOP: With more than 500 active clients, a 98.2% retention rate over 16 years of business, and more than 100 full-time employees ready to advertise your product, this affiliate marketing company earns its spot on our list of the best affiliate marketing companies. Their clients include multiple political figures, doctors, attorneys, professional athletes, and executives, so if you need to promote yourself rather than a product, they have the expertise.
  • iProspect: iProspect has also worked for Circuit City in the past, as well as Yellow Book, Delta, and Allegis Group. As one of the oldest and best affiliate marketing companies, they have just 150 active clients who get their full attention.

While these four are some of the best affiliate marketing companies out there, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue for their partners, you should be sure to do your own research when choosing the best companies for you. Find a company that offers you the features you want, and has experience promoting the type of product you provide.