Things to Consider Before Investing in Your Garden

We are just getting into the very best of the summer months and it is the time when most people start looking a little more intently at the shape of their garden. Throughout the winter months the garden is not somewhere that we really think much about and we are happy to let it turn into a bit of a mess. Once that sun starts shining however, we suddenly realize the importance which the garden has in our lives, especially when we want to sit out in the sunshine or barbecue and this is when most people decide to take action. If you are looking at sexing up your garden this year, here are some things to take into consideration.


Like with many renovation jobs, you could comfortably spend thousands on your garden makeover, installing water features and sleek pathways, paying Stonemakers high prices for a chic wall or adding artistic touches to your outdoor space. It is important therefore that before you get carried away, that you work out how much you would like to spend first, and then look at what you can do with that budget. As soon as the summer draws to a close you will no doubt be looking at other areas of the house which need a redesign and if you have blown your budget on the garden then you may come to regret it.


You need to ask yourself honestly how much time you intend to spend in the garden to keep it maintained. If you are not particularly green-fingered or you cannot afford to pay a gardener then you need to look at a design that is very low maintenance and features plants and trees which can pretty much look after themselves and perhaps even a larger patio or decking area. If you are the type who loves to spend their time in the garden then by all means go crazy, otherwise keep it simple and easy to maintain.

Be Pragmatic

A sleek and well designed garden may look great but if you are looking at actually using the garden for sitting out, relaxing or letting the kids play then an ornate garden will not do the job. Think about the design in reverse and consider how you will be actually using the garden, once you have decided this, you can start planning a great look garden that is also perfectly functional for what you intend to use it for. Think about it pragmatically, if the sun always shines on one area in the morning and another area at night when you want to sit out with a glass of wine, then make sure that your seating area is in the right place. If you want to ensure that your money is well spent you need to think about the practicality in the design as well as how good it looks on the eye.