4 ways to keep your classic car in top shape

The roar a classic car engine is like nothing else in the world. If you bought one lately, you might be wondering how to keep it in top shape.

Robert Bassam loved these vehicles since he was a teenager. Thanks to a long and successful career in the automobile industry, he has gathered many of these cars in recent years. With each of them being a thing of beauty, he loves them as if they were his kids.

Below, we’ll detail the various ways to keep these cars in peak shape as the years fly by.

1) Wash your car often

Sounds boring, right? It might be, but a lack of cleanliness can lead to a whole host of problems if the problem gets out of control.

Your auto will shed the shine that makes it attractive to others. Second, the road may contain debris that can eat the body of your car, like road salt left over from a long winter.

Allowed to fester without being washed off, it can bring your car’s worst enemy – rust – into the mix, costing you untold thousands to fix.

Washing cars may take up time and cause you to expend sweat, but the work put into your car won’t just keep it looking good – it will help create a bond which will make future steps easier to bear.

2) Put on wax twice per year

Drenching your classic car in hot, soapy water is only one step towards making it look great. Want that ‘best in show’ shine that will inspire envy from your buddies? In order to get it done, you need to wax into the equation.

Unlike car washes, wax only needs to be applied twice per year to have the desired effect. Chrome polish is a great thing to apply at the same time as well, as shining rims also attracts gawkers in droves.

3) Take good care of the car’s interior 

The exterior gets the most attention from car owners, but the ones who win competitions pay just as much attention when maintaining a classic car’s interior.

Dashboards which are mundane and dusty can reverse someone’s opinion of your car, especially when it comes to giving people rides around town.

Protect them from UV rays and make them shine by applying leather creams. Vinyl upholstery needs the same level of care, so be generous with their cleaners as well.

By dedicating the same level of devotion to the inside as you do to the exterior body, you will have a car you can be proud about.

4) Don’t neglect preventative maintenance

Maintaining the looks of a classic car is tough work, but don’t forget about its guts either. Give it oil changes on a regular basis, or risk an embarrassing and expensive seize-up on the highway.

Don’t wait for your brakes to squeal before changing them, get its pads changed before you make everyone deaf at every stop light you pull up at.

Respect check engine lights. Modern engines cost enough to fix as it is, but repairing a classic car engine cost you a fortune.