My car buying experience.


Buying a car should be an exciting prospect and it is, however, it can also be incredibly stressful, which was how my recent experience was.
I roughly knew which car I wanted or had at least narrowed it down to 3 which was the first job done, deciding upon the car you want.

Job number two was to find these cars at the best possible price, I decided to make this the first time of buying a brand new car and after checking a few online prices I decided on my car, a Ford Focus RS model as it was spacious enough for golf clubs, cool enough to my mates and more importantly fast as hell!!

I trawled UK Ford dealerships in Hampshire (my home town) to get the best possible prices and deals. Now when you are negotiating the purchase of a car, be sure to haggle your ass off. I managed to get 2k knocked off the price as the new reg plates were coming out soon and I made my case that the car would soon be ‘not so new’ great stuff. I also haggled to get loads of extras such as Bluetooth and the more expensive interior options.


Remember when you buy a car, or anything for that matter, that these people WANT to sell you something and especially with cars they will not want you to leave until they have, so make them work for it!!

Another consideration to make before you even decide on which car you wish to buy is how costly things like road tax and insurance are, in today’s world car tax prices fluctuate based on emissions and insurance prices can be crazy. Also bear in mind that you may be able to afford the car but can you afford the parts if it needs them, of course with new cars a warranty will cover you for some time but if you’re buying second hand then be cautious before you buy some luxury for yourself.

Hopefully reading my experience and taking into account these points will help to make it a little less stressful for you.