Getting around in Paris


Paris is an outstanding city for everyone, whether you are on a romantic break with your loved one, on a sightseeing adventure, an artistic pilgrimage or wine loving traveller Paris has it all.

Paris like many cities has an insane amount of things and places to do and see chief among them are of course the Eiffel Tower, l’arc de triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral among others. All of this leaves one question… How to get around the city, here are some options.


Paris has one of the oldest metro systems in the world (fear not it has been regularly renovated!) which works very efficiently and has over 300 stations across the city. The price is very good and for just a few euros you can ride it all day. A great option if you know where you need to go or if you just want to staton hop.


Similar to the metro, the bus network runs throughout the city and runs day and night, there is not a location the metro will take you to that a bus can’t, however, with the bus you will be able to look around as you travel and pick out a nice little bistro to visit later!! 59 services run through the city and the busses are very clean, air condoned and very prompt. The bus is of course slower than the metro and once again you’ll need to know where you are getting off but with the benefit of the view this is another good option.


Paris has as good a taxi service as any city with, in my experience, friendly and knowledgable drivers. One thing worth noting is that they do not litter the streets like a NY or London, generally you will pick them up from specified ranks which may involve a little extra walking. Also, paris is not a cheap city I the main and the taxi prices reflect this on longer journeys.



With so much water it makes sense that Paris has a ‘water bus’ and that’s exactly what the Batobus is. A boat with several stations up and down the Seine where you can kick back and watch the city pass you by. A real treat and pragmatic at the same time, this is more a question of why wouldn’t you as opposed to why would you.

The sexy option

Last time I was in Paris I was with my ‘belle’ and as a treat I decided to get us a limo and see what. Kind of chauffeur service Paris had to offer, I say this as though I had something to compare it to as though I’d done this the world over…I hadn’t, but I sure as hell will now. What an amazing day we had, and far cheaper than I thought, our driver took is everywhere we wished to go, he was both friendly and informative and made us both feel very safe and welcome. So if you want to treat someone then this is the option to take.