Travelling in North Conway, New Hampshire: Getting Around without Wheels

North Conway is a famous tourist destination in the Americas simply because of the many things that one can do and enjoy there. Situated against the famous White Mountain National Forest and Mt. Washington, the natural terrains and the developed environment provide for a wonderful and fun filled travel to New Hampshire on foot or otherwise. Check out these activities that will allow you to see the best panoramic views of North Conway without having to spend on gas.

Rock Climbing

The mountains and cliffs in North Conway is a great way to challenge yourself. One of the most famous obstacles for climbers is the Cathedral Ledge. Once you get to the top, you can look down and see more climbers following after you, and the top of the ledge provides you a nice view of the rolling plains and the mountains. The White Horse Ledge, an 800 foot high cliff is another famous climbing attraction in the place. Both the Cathedral Ledge and the White Horse Ledge are part of the Echo Lake State Park in Echo Lake Road.

Guided Hiking Tours

If you want to tour North Conway on flat rather than vertical grounds, then you can do so by taking a hike through the area. There are various walking trails that you can enjoy. There is the Diana’s Baths Waterfalls Trail, which is pretty short at less than a mile and provides a wonderful destination of the falls and the running brook. There is also the Champney Falls Trail, a slightly inclined hike that leads to the peak of the Mount Chocorua.

Horseback Riding

This is another way of touring the place – a much more western and traditional way of getting around. You can set an appointment with the many horse riding stables in North Conway and avail of their tour packages. One of the stables you can contact is the Farm by the River B&B with Stables which takes you on a tour from the inn going to mountains and forests and the Saco River. You can also try to contact Black Mountain Stables or Happiness Farm, which are also listed as horseback riding tour guides.

Water Activities

If you’re tired of the land, then you can take to the waters and paddle your way around. There are many companies that you can talk to who can help you enjoy the various water systems of the place especially on the Saco River where you can go kayaking or canoeing or river tubing. The various parts of the river offer varying degrees of difficulty. There is the strong flowing section which is perfect for the wild at heart and there is the calm and peaceful section for the less brave.

Sure, riding your car is a great way of getting around a place, but in North Conway, it is sometimes better to see the whole place without the constant aid of a car – not only do you get to exercise, but you also get to enjoy the views in places that cars can’t bring you to.

Photo by 8412478@N02 on Flickr