Must Visit Holiday Destinations

Every traveler has a different idea when it comes to taking a holiday. For some, the ideal holiday is one that is in a lesser known, off the beaten path destination. For others, the idea of traveling to more touristy destinations and visiting all of the well know sights is the kind of holiday that fits their fancy. But, whatever you may prefer when it comes to a holiday, there are a few destinations out there that simply can’t be missed. Below are 5 different holiday destinations that you just have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

A Land of Hidden Beauty

When you hear the name Iceland, it almost makes you think “why would you want to go there”. The truth is that yes, it does get cold there but don’t let the name turn you off. Iceland happens to be a wonderful place to visit for a holiday offering travelers a wonderful time. When you get beyond the name and actually start exploring the country, you will find that there is a wealth of beauty hidden here. From waterfalls to glaciers and scenery that will wow your eyesight, Iceland is a destination that holiday goers leave with many wonderful memories for years to come.

Sunny Holidays All Year Round

Fiji is a more exotic holiday destination for those looking to spend some time on the beach and in a tropical environment. This beautiful country is made up of hundreds of different islands of which many are not inhabited. The pristine beaches here are unmatched in splendor and there is plenty of exciting water sports to take part in. For the more adventurous traveler you can always take a hike and explore the inland villages and beautiful wildlife.

A World of Its Own

To enjoy a holiday exploring the unique and mystical culture of Asia, there is no better place to go then Bangkok, Thailand. This huge city is the capital of Thailand and offers many things for you to see and do. From extravagant temples to festivals giving you a look at the rich culture of this Asian country, you are sure to leave there enlightened by a world most people have never truly experienced. If you want to capture a full glimpse of the city you should try a guided tour on a bicycle which will take you around all the sights of the city.

The Best of South Africa

Cape Town is a city at the southernmost point of South Africa. Although this city is fairly trafficked by tourists, it is nonetheless a beautiful holiday destination. This city though generally hot during the summer, has plenty of sights and attractions to offer everyone. In and around the city you will find museums, gardens, and a few historical highlights. For fun you will find lots of fun things to do such as kite surfing and other cool activities.

A City Like No Other

It may seem like Paris France always gets brought up when it comes to destinations but it couldn’t go without mention. The truth is that when it comes to taking a holiday, this really is a lovely city to visit. The beautiful architecture and the artistic touch of this city give it an elegance that no other city can boast. The things to see and do in this city are without number and the only way to fully experience all it has to offer is to add this city to your list of holiday destinations to visit.

All the beautiful destinations mentioned here are really worth your visit and offer a chance to escape the daily routine and actually relax a bit. In order to enjoy a fun filled time you should book your holidays in 2014 with Cosmos which provides holiday packages to some other unique destinations as well.

Photo by meanderingmouse on Flickr