The Winter Wonderland Playground of Lapland

If you are looking for somewhere exciting to go during the winter months then there are few better choices than Lapland. This exciting region in Northern Europe is famous as being the home of Santa Claus but it can also offer a fantastic trip to anyone who wants an unforgettable winter break.

The Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights might not be your number one priority when you are planning a trip away. However, if you get lucky and see them then this will probably be the memory of your time in Lapland which lasts you for the rest of your life. Lapland is one of the best places on the planet to see this natural spectacular and winter is without doubt the best time of year to see it. There is no guarantee that you will see these mystic lights anywhere or at any given time but hunting them is a great way to add some excitement to the trip. Once you see them it is something you will never forget.

A Husky Safari

There are also plenty of high octane activities to keep you entertained while you are enjoying a break in Lapland. Perhaps the one which most people think of as being typical of the region is riding over the snowy terrain with a team of huskies. This might not sound like such a big deal to you but once you are out there with a team of dogs crossing frozen rivers and shooting past forests and incredibly remote areas you are sure to be thrilled. Other popular activities offered by firms such as The White Circle include the likes of snowmobiling, ice fishing and cross country skiing. Whether you plan on going as a family, with your partner or on your own there are lots of things to do once you get to Lapland.

Ice Hotels

Now we just need to think about where you will stay in Lapland. You certainly don’t want to stay in a conventional hotel in such a spectacular setting, do you? A popular choice is to stay in a log cabin, which is certainly a very enticing prospect. However, there is a type of accommodation in this region which is even more intriguing. In recent years it has started to become popular for ice hotels to get built at the start of the winter season. These are, as the name suggests, hotels which are made out of ice. They are amazing structures which usually include ice sculptures and other details which delight the travelers staying in them. These ice hotels are only available during the winter months and are rebuilt again at the start of each season, so you will always know that you are going to be staying in a new and unique hotel. It sounds a bit weird at first but once you think about it then it is clear that there is no better way to spend time in Lapland than in a hotel made out ice.

Photo by visitfinland on Flickr