Sharm el-Sheikh’s 5 Best Kept Secrets

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of Egypt’s most popular resorts and the beautiful beaches, tranquil waters and high temperatures attract visitors all year round. Many visitors choose to spend their time relaxing by the pools and on the beaches, but there is a wealth of exciting sights and activities to enjoy if you know where to look.

A trip to Tiran Island

A boat trip to Tiran Island is definitely worth leaving the beach for. Tiran is an uninhabited island surrounded by coral reefs and a dazzling array of marine life. The warm waters are crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling with some people likening the experience to snorkelling in a tropical fish tank. Boat trips leave from Naama Bay and scuba diving trips are available.

Private trip to Cairo

With the many cheap flights to Sharm el-Sheik available in 2013, you should be able to enjoy some exciting activities with the money you save on your trip. Why not take a private charter plane to Cairo and explore this amazing city’s markets and museums as well as cruising down the Nile and visiting the famous pyramids and the Sphinx. Excursions last for one day and include return flights, transfers, a tour guide, all entrance fees and lunch in Cairo.

The coloured canyon

A 120Km trip by jeep through the desert to the amazing Coloured Canyon is worth leaving the poolside for. This amazing canyon has been formed over millions of years and features a dazzling array of formations and colours. This trip can also be combined with a visit to the famous Blue Hole diving site where you can swim in the translucent waters.

Swim with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins does seem to be many people’s bucket list and you can take dolphin swimming excursions from Sharm el-Sheikh. This once in a lifetime experience with experienced trainers can list 30 minutes and will be filmed on video. Prices start at £65 and can be arranged through most hotels.

Overnight to Mount Sinai

An overnight trip to the top of Mount Sinai will reward you twice. The clear night sky will provide you with an unbelievable view of the stars above, something we rarely get a chance to see from our illuminated cities. You will also be rewarded with one of the world’s most spectacular sunrises and this alone is worth the 3950 steps it takes to climb to a height of 2,285 metres. If you only take one excursion while in Sharm el-Sheikh you should make it this one for the unforgettable sights alone.

Photo by argenberg on Flickr