Precious R & R

Working 9-5 … in the immortal words of Dolly Parton, what a way to make a living. At the end of a long week, we herald the start of the weekend and look forward to two days of relaxation, or at least two days of being able to get finished all the jobs we didn’t have time to do during the week! At the end of a few months, it can feel like a continuous cycle that never ends, and that’s where a good relaxing holiday comes to the fore.

Golf, spas, shopping, simply chilling out on the beach – these are all ways to recharge those batteries and get you back in the right frame of mind. It’s probably medically proven somewhere that a bit of rest and relaxation is good for not only the body and mind, but also the soul.

Travel can be a stressful part of any holiday, whether you’re planning to kick back and relax whilst you’re there or not, so it’s sensible to make getting from A to B as chilled-out as possible. I’ve often found that simply getting to the airport is filled with pitfalls, with traffic jams, early starts and tiredness all taking their toll on travel day. A good way to avoid this is to pre-book a night on site before your flight. There are many airport hotels available nationwide, ranging from budget rooms, to more luxurious. I often travel from the Midlands where you’ll find a large range of Birmingham airport hotels to start your relaxing break. My advice if you’re travelling from the capital is to check out Holiday Extras who offer Gatwick Airport hotels at great rates! I love the convenience of being able to turn up at my leisure, enjoy a meal, a relaxing shower, and a good night’s sleep, all with the time to actually look presentable for travel day, without rushing for a shower at 3am and jumping in the car to the terminal. It really is worth every single penny.

If chilling the hell out is purely your agenda, then why not look at booking a health spa break, or even a top-class hotel with spa facilities? This will save you money on outside treatments and you don’t have too far to float back to your room once your relaxing massage is over!

The Indian Ocean islands are fantastic for casting away your cares, as the vibe of the region is simply so laid-back and idyllic, you can’t help but forget anything was ever worrying you in the first place. Alternatively, the Caribbean is an extremely attractive second best!

Golfers will love Portugal, with its countless green courses, and beautiful beaches as a fantastic add-on. For meandering around quaint villages and countryside, France and Spain have a plethora of choice, with the opportunity to head into busier resorts if you fancy it for the day. How about Italy? A wine tasting holiday in the Italian countryside is certainly a kick back and relax kind of break!

However you choose to spend your holiday, recharging those batteries should be at the top of the agenda, and starting your travel day in the most relaxed way possible is surely the best idea out there for chilling out and kicking those travel stresses into touch.

Photo by wicker-furniture on Flickr