Need a great outdoor experience? Go trekking in Nepal!

Trekking in Nepal will provide you with some of the best views in the world ... photo by CC user lkolisko on Flickr

Have you ever been trekking in Nepal before? If the answer is no, and if you’re an outdoor person who loves physical challenges, we will give you very compelling reasons to soon pack your rucksack and visit Nepal, the country having the most and the highest mountains in the world.

We asked the site Trekbooking.Com, a trekking and climbing portal, about why people are going trekking in Nepal. They gave us the following 3 reasons:

Great natural habitat

The entire Northern part of Nepal is covered by the Himalayas, the world’s largest mountain range home to 9 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, including Mt. Everest at 8,850 meter. Nepal thus has a unique mountain landscape allowing for great trekking trails taking you around, in between, and over the shoulders of its majestic mountains. Why go to Nepal for trekking? Because you won’t get a better natural habitat!

Low costs

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries. This implies a low cost level meaning that you can visit some of the world’s best treks at very affordable prices, compared to many other destinations around the world. Trek prices start from as low as USD 350 for 7 days, including everything such as food, accommodation, trekking guide, transport, and trekking permits.

Multiple trek types

Nepal has been renowned as a great trekking destination for decades. You can therefore choose to visit developed trekking areas having comfortable guesthouses, good food on the menu, and very well maintained trekking trails (while still preserving fantastic trekking trails and nature). Or, you can choose to visit less frequented trekking areas with no guesthouses and completely unspoiled nature. Whether you are looking for comfort or not, Nepal is likely to have a trek type suiting exactly your needs.

By now we hope that you have already decided to visit Nepal. We are therefore providing you with a breakdown of 3 great treks:

Manaslu trek – 15 days

It is one of Nepal’s best treks and is also called the “New Annapurna Circuit” as it has replaced the previously famous Annapurna Circuit. The Manaslu trek is better than Annapurna Circuit as has more pristine nature, no road construction, fantastic trekking trails, and also includes a pass to be crossed, namely the 5,135 m high Larke Pass.

If you have 15 days available, are reasonably fit, and have a budget between USD 1050 to USD 1200, we highly recommend the Manaslu trek.

Langtang trek – 7-8 days

It is the best trek in Nepal if you have 7-8 days available. You will start in relative low altitude hiking through dense rain forest. As the altitude increases, you will leave the rain forest behind and slowly ascend through Langtang Valley, displaying several great mountains around you, with Langtang Lirung (7,227 meter) towering in the background.

Aside from great trails Langtang will also provide you with cultural input in terms of local villages, monasteries, and Tibetan traditions. On this trek you also get the chance to hike one or two mountain peaks at an altitude just below 5,000 meters (no mountaineering skills required).

If you have 7 days available, are okay fit, and have USD 400-500 available, we highly recommend the Langtang trek.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp – 18-25 days

Located in the Far East of Nepal this is one of the most remote and secluded trekking trails in Nepal (and the world). Roughly 200 trekkers visit the area a year. It’s nature is untouched and you are likely to see the red panda, or if lucky, even a snow leopard.

The Kanchenjunga trek is not for the feint hearted. Due to its remoteness there are very few guesthouses available. You will therefore need to bring camping equipment, food, gear etc and be 100% self-sufficient.

If you have 20 days available, are very fit, looking for a challenge, and have USD 1900-2400 available, we highly recommend the Kanchenjunga trek.

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Summing up, Nepal undoubtedly has some of the world’s best trekking trails, guarded and made adventurous by some of the most majestic mountains in the world. Treks are very affordable and you can easily find a trek suiting exactly your needs.

By now, we hope your rucksack is already packed. We wish you a fantastic trekking experience when you travel to Nepal.