Direct Flights to Metropolis with Turkish Airlines!

Turkish Airlines has just linked up with the new Batman vs Superman movie and they are now offering direct flights to Metropolis, as well as Gotham City (if they really existed of course, so don’t start packing your bags too soon!). It’s a pretty interesting PR campaign to help promote the new movie which is out this year.

Here is the description of Metropolis on the Turkish Airlines website, “Metropolis is famous for its forward-looking, optimistic spirit, captured in its nickname ‘City of Tomorrow’. With wide avenues lined with gleaming skyscrapers, and an entrepreneurial spirit that derives from its long-standing tech industry, it has an infectious energy that inspires visitors. While neighboring Gotham City can seem insular, Metropolis welcomes you with open arms.”

The city, of course, is still emerging from the devastation of the recent Kryptonian attack, but Metropolis has made great strides thanks to hard work and corporate investment.