Read This Before Visiting The UK

So you’re considering a visit to the nation of tea, an internationally celebrated monarchy, and beautiful landmarks. The UK is a beautiful nation full of luscious countryside and home to London, one of the most famous cities on the planet, so it comes as no surprise that this is a promising tourist destination.

However, there are a few things you should know before visiting the UK – and they might make your trip more enjoyable!

The Gambling Scene

The UK has perhaps one of the most prolific and attractive gambling scenes in the world. With an array of casinos, online gambling facilities and big names like 888, and slot machines available in almost every pub – there truly isn’t a place in the UK where you can’t relax and have some fun gambling.

In the UK there are some of the most relaxed legislation surrounding gambling, for example – whatever you earn during a particularly lucky game is entirely tax-free and yours to keep! Also as long as you’re over 18 (or 16 in the cases of scratch cards and lottery tickets) you are free to gamble to your heart’s content! 

So maybe you should take advantage of this on your trip to the UK.

Polite People?

The Brits are renowned for their apologetic nature and obsessive politeness, so it’s crucial to also note that most Brits appear very disgruntled as they navigate their local towns and cities – yet under the guise of annoyance, they are in fact a relatively polite and friendly population.

There are often rules of thumb to follow when visiting Britian however when on escalators or walking about busy cities, walk on the right side to avoid any accidental instances where you walk into a passerby. Also queuing a huge courtesy within the UK, so if you find yourself enjoying the huge range of shops in any town or city, an orderly queue is crucial to maintaining the commonplace expectations.

Being polite and following traditional British expectations during your stay should be the norm, as this will help you fit in and truly enjoy the UK for all it has to offer.

The Pub Is The Place To Be

If you haven’t previously heard, within the UK pubs are a common establishment throughout a majority of both towns and cities – often being host to several within close proximity. Many Brits visit the pub to enjoy a friendly drink with the locals, often meaning that these are the hubs of socialisation within small towns.

There are a huge range of pubs across the country, with many taking on themes (such as nautical, etc) or even offering a range of different amenities so if a visit to the pub is on your bucket list, it’s important to visit a pub that caters to what you want.

If you fancy kicking back and enjoying a pint over a game of football or possibly even betting on the game, a sports-themed pub may be for you – or if you fancy trying quintessentially British ‘pub grub’, find a reputable pub that offers these traditional meals. 

There truly is a pub for everyone in the UK!