Your Travel Bucket List: Top Vacations To Take

Safaris are definitely on the Travel Bucket List of many people ... photo by CC user Robek on wikimedia commons

photo by CC user Robek on wikimedia commons

Traveling is all about a break from the routine and familiar. We all want to load up and head for an exciting destination, leaving our cares at home and expecting to have a great experience in new surroundings.

Keeping the vacation experience fresh and different is very important. Don’t ever fall into the trap of doing the same old trip every year, because it will soon become as routine and familiar as the work-day hassles you’re trying to escape.

As you think about your vacation plans, break out of the same-old same-old and consider some of these unique trip options to add to your travel bucket list.

Wildlife Safari

Let’s just go big right out of the box, okay? Suspend your shock for a minute and see what this option has to offer. More and more travelers want an adventure-based vacation these days, and nowhere could the adventure be bigger than on safari in Africa.

The demand for these trips has really upgraded the amenities being offered by travel companies. Cast away your images of sweltering hours in run-down hotels and dusty treks around the bushes in an old truck. There are now luxury tours of these areas with above-average lodging and greater comfort on the road. These experiences will give you the chance to see breathtaking scenery, meet fascinating people from all over the world, and view exotic wildlife that you can’t find in zoos back home.

European Hiking Excursions

There’s no hobby as universally European as hiking. Whether it’s in the Alps or simply in the countryside, the continent has a reputation for being an amazing place to load a backpack and just go for a walk. And because most of the countries there are dotted with hostels that provide nice, affordable lodging, it’s easy to set your own pace without being committed to daily stopping points.

The logistics are simpler, too. With a single currency–the Euro–throughout the continent, it’s less complicated to cross international borders. Fundamental safety steps are easy to follow and will leave you worry-free to enjoy the trip, and there’s an endless list of culinary opportunities, cultural sites, and scenic vistas waiting for you.

Service Vacations

Sometimes the most gratifying way to relax is doing something to help other people. It’s a unique approach that shares roots with the alternative spring breaks being taken by many college students. These events take students away from booze-soaked beachfront hedonism and send them to areas impacted by droughts, economic struggles, and infrastructure issues. Instead of partying, they work, serve, and bond with friends.

College students returning home with tales of their amazing experiences now have their parents hooked, and these trips represent a great way to get away from work that may seem trivial sometimes and to engage yourself in something with real impact.

Ocean Cruises

Let’s get back to traditional vacations again. The adventure of an ocean cruise is a long-standing tradition for many vacationers, but if you haven’t been on a cruise for a while, you may find it’s a whole new world now. You are no longer limited simply to picking a company, boarding a ship, and spending a few days traveling to some fun ports-of-call.

Cruises today have as many themes as land-based vacations. You can cruise with your favorite entertainers or take family cruises centered on popular kids’ entertainment. The ship can keep you in warmer climates or journey to the frigid waters of Alaska. The only common thread through all these different journeys is the means of transportation. After that, it’s all up to you.

Taking a vacation is ultimately about having a gratifying experience while getting a break from the daily routine. It should leave you refreshed and ready to return to work or school, with a cache of amazing memories. Making sure that it’s as satisfying as possible means making sure to investigate unique options for your destination. Make it a great vacation, and make it a unique one!