Family Travel on a Budget

Travelling as a family can be expensive and stressful, especially if you’re thinking of holidaying abroad. You dreamt of travelling the world before you had children and financial responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to globetrotting. Whether you have young children, teenagers or want to go on holiday with your extended family, the key to a fun and affordable vacation is in the preparation.

Eat In

A big part of a holiday is experiencing local cuisine, but eating in doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Buy from local shops and supermarkets and cook in your self-catered apartment, or on your camping stove.

Cooking on a camp fire (Creative Commons)
Cooking on a camp fire (Creative Commons)

Cooking your meals will save a lot of money. Use the extra to see tourist sites, and buy small treats like ice cream, croissants or chocolates.

Choose All-Inclusive

All-inclusive packages aren’t just for club 18 to 30. As a family, all-inclusive options allow you to go on holiday without worrying about saving extra spending money for food and drink. This option generally includes sun loungers on the beach as well as on-site sporting activities. That’s enough to keep the whole family entertained!

Get Fit

If your chosen destination is a city break, then the best way to see the sights and become immersed in the culture is often by foot. Forego expensive taxis and walk around instead. To keep your kids happy, invest in some sturdy footwear before you leave.


Why not grab your sleeping bags and enjoy a camping holiday? Your family can camp in a tent for a week in the UK for less than £100. Do you own a camper van? Then head further afield and holiday abroad. There are many places in Europe where you can camp for free!

Tent camping at Rae Lakes. Photo by Miguel Vieira licensed Creative Commons Attribution
Tent camping at Rae Lakes. Photo by Miguel Vieira licensed Creative Commons Attribution

Adventure on The High Seas

Taking a ferry can not only be cheaper than flying, but far less hassle. You can travel to the ferry port in your own car and avoid waiting in the departure lounge for a delayed flight. Ferry tickets are often charged per car, not per person, saving quite a bit of cash. Travelling in your own car also avoids the expense of splashing out on a hire car.

No matter what the size or age of your family, you can enjoy a fun and affordable getaway. The secret formula: packing well, booking the right hotel, choosing a great destination, and keeping the kids happy, equals one relaxing holiday.