Island Hopping in Batangas, Philippines

Batangas is a lovely province in the Philippines just south of the capital Manila. The province and capital city Batangas is known for its diving spot and a starting point to see many islands, regions, and beaches. The places around Batangas have much significant historical and cultural background.

As a first class province, you won’t feel too far from home in terms of amenities. Batangas offers a wide array of utilities such as unexpectedly strong internet connections as well as great resort experiences. So although you’ll get the Asian island experience you are looking for, you won’t be left in the dust when it comes to hospitality or technology . Besides these perks, the province has places of interest such as scenic volcanoes, Taal Lake, and the nearby islands. You’ll quickly see the beauty and elegance of Batangas is beyond ordinary.

Natural Wonder

The beauty of Batangas lies on its natural wonder and classic architecture. The volcano island is situated inside the lake. The journey takes one from a boat ride, then hiking, trekking, and horseback riding over soft black lava. The adventures to the center of the volcano give a unique thrill especially when the volcano might be small but constantly active.  

The Taal Lake is a gorgeous freshwater lake that surrounds the volcano island. The beauty of the surrounding scenery is wonderful for the body and mind as a means of relaxation. The freshwater and the fishes it offers is a delightful treat to watch.

Puerto Gallera

Puerto Gallera is a community situated in the island of Mindoro, and to get there you need to take a boat from Batangas. This boat travel is entertaining and fascinating as one crosses the body of water, and for those wanting a quiet moment, you can have a relaxing rest in their resorts. If you’re like me, even on vacation, I still like to take a few minutes to check in online with family and friends and tell them about  my travels.

Upon reaching Puerto Gallera many tourists and visitors flock to the white sandy beaches for joyous water adventures and swimming. You’ll find many bars and restaurants to choose from for a wonderful and cozy time.  And, if I can do so without my significant other seeing, I usually sneak in a few online casino games to keep me busy while waiting for the next fun adventure. There’s always something up next on the schedule. For instance, the Sabang area is ideal for scuba diving activities and lessons. Interacting with the local community gives a feeling of belonging to a race different from one’s own.

Batangas Port

The Batangas Port is an international seaport with boats and ships coming in and out of the port constantly. Being a key port in the region, Batangas port is one busy place to be in. Passenger ships of many types moored at the port offer a quick transport to nearby islands, the roro or the (roll-on, roll off) ships accommodate people and vehicles which are essential for foreign travelers into their next journey. The quick turnaround in the port is like watching an impressive sports game, and by the way the bwin digital entertainment offers online sports betting in which anyone can partake on betting a live sports game over the internet.

The movements of the port are astonishing to watch with people and machine moving in a constant speed, it is remarkable. The port is at its busiest during holiday seasons with an influx of travelers foreign and local alike.

Isla Verde

Isla Verde is another one of the best diving hotspot located near Batangas. The Verde Island passageway is home to two of the hot diving locations like the Pinnacle and Washing machine for an extreme journey under the sea.

A banca or local boat will drop one to the said location, as dive master accompany the travelling divers. Upon reaching the depths of water, one can feel amazed to see and touch corals, marine life, and even remnants of a Spanish Galleon.

Photo by graceyheartphotography on Flickr