Best Map Apps to Never Get Lost Around Florida

Now that you have your smart phone in your pocket and use it on the daily basis, you already know that apps can be very useful. It is also very possible that you don’t leave the house without your smart phone. You already know how to find the best airplane ticket, chat to your friends on Facebook and take pictures on Instagram with just a tap. Now it is time to have a look at the best apps that help you in navigating around a city during your vacation. Apps for iOS and Android devices will help you find the best museums, restaurants and parks in Florida. No matter where you visit in Florida, your trip will be more relaxing with the help of these map apps. To help you, we chose several apps that are worth downloading. They will definitely help you find the best route and find your way around the city.


This free app can provide you with the best walking routes. You can also apply any of the section filters to find the neighbouring bars, banks, coffee places and much more. You will see all the places marked on the map, more details will open if you tap on the mark. This map is extremely useful if you’re new in town.

Legoland Florida

Both Android and iPhone users can install this app on their devices. You can easily get lost in places like Legoland, that’s why the park administration decided to create a special app to help visitors in navigating. You can buy tickets and get directions inside the park, find some additional information on upcoming shows and plan your trip to the park. You can also receive some important information about the weather. Your children will enjoy using the augmented reality features of the app that display 3D versions of features of the park. They can also play a very interactive Lego quiz to find out more about the company and its history.

Universal Orlando Wait Times

Being lost in Universal Studio Park is not fun when you really want to find something and have no idea where to go. I bet that even the staff at the park does not know every corner of the park. This great app will help you to navigate around the park. You can find the best route and learn about the opening hours of the park sections. The app will also keep you updated on the upcoming events. You can install it on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Florida 511 Traffic App

Florida Department of Transportation created an app that provides the most accurate information on traffic jams and accidents. It can estimate the approximate travel information and chose the best route to avoid any traffic jams. Once you start using this app you won’t be able to leave the house without checking the traffic situation. This app is only available for iOS users.

Florida Keys App

If you don’t know what to do tonight you can use this interactive map to plan your evening. Use events calendar to find an event and find the best route to it. You can also find the best hotels or resorts in the area if you use the accommodation section of the app.

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Photo by insidethemagic on Flickr