Mouthwatering Morocco – The Best Things to See and Do


For those who love the outdoors, Morocco will be a treat. Whatever part of the country you visit, there is always a remarkable nature trail not too far away. You have the opportunity to pick from different places: you can take a hike through the Atlas mountains, restrict yourself to the scenic Berber highland areas, take on the imposing desert area, or visit the wildlife areas not so far from the sea.

Most tourists choose to keep their trekking along the Atlas areas. A walk through the scenic Ourika Valley, taking on the Toubkal peak, or wandering through the Azzaden valley will leave you thrilled. However, the desert area and even tracing your way through the coastal area will also be exciting.

Stay in a local Berber lodge

The Berber culture is as fascinating as it is ancient. Having survived several generations, invasions, and external pressure, the culture has endured to date. Staying in a Berber lodge is not just an experience with a foreign culture, it is an immersion into one of the world’s most ancient traditions.

The Berber people are a strong and hardy people, successfully repelling fierce and better armed invaders. In contrast, Berber lodges offer lovely and luxurious lodging, offering the best of their culture fused with modern conveniences. The décor and finishing are overwhelmingly Berber in nature, utilizing natural material and artifacts typical to Berber life. These lodges offer delicious local cuisine, allowing you to sample recipes that have been handed down across generations.

Staying in a Berber lodge in the Atlas Mountains areas would be a great compliment to a thrilling trek across the area.

Take a Golf holiday

If you are looking for an exotic location, plenty of sunshine, with world class courses set in stunning locations, then Morocco is your answer. Marrakech is undoubtedly the leading golf destination in the country, boasting of courses such as Palmeraie, Royale Golf de Marrakech, Al Maaden Golf Resort, as well as the Atlas Golf Marrakech.

Heading down to the coastal area, stay at the lively beach city of Agadir. This area boasts of lovely clubs such as the Golf du Soleil, Club Med with its Golf led Dunes, as well as the Golf de L’Ocean. Each offers a course with its own unique challenge, offering exciting times for the avid as well as amateur golfer.

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City hopping along the coast

Morocco’s extensive coastline has developed several cities, each with its own unique charm. A great way to spend your holiday is to try city hopping, enjoying the unique sights and sounds of each coastal delight. Try out Sidi Ifni with its colonial Spanish history, lively Agadir with its golf clubs, cafés, and clubs, Essaouira with its sun kissed beaches, Safi and its beautiful pottery industry, romantic Tangier, and Saidia with its lengthy beach front. We cannot fail to mention Casablanca, complete with its unique architecture, night life, and souks.

You can choose to start up north in Tangiers or move upwards from the south in Sidi Ifni, travel alone or go with a specialist tour operator like Lawrence of Morocco to take you along for the ride. However you decide, sampling a little of the cities will give you a much more varied feel on your Morocco holidays.

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