How to Travel the UK as a Family on a Budget

Stay Somewhere Out Of Town

If you want to treat your family to a memorable holiday without spending too much money, you can choose to stay away from the towns, in a cosy lakeside log cabin. The further out of town you stay, the cheaper the accommodation. The beauty of staying out of town, though, is that you get peaceful and very scenic accommodation at great bargains! So whether you are visiting a vibrant city, or travelling through the lovely countryside, the rule still holds: the more urban the area, the more costly the accommodation.

Instead, why don’t you try out some peaceful alternatives outside towns and cities. Cumbria, the Lake District is an interesting destination with a variety of beautiful cabins suitable for families and pets. Ambleside holiday log cabin overlooking the Langdale Valley is an ideal family log cabin with a free access to pool and sauna.

You can become a little more deliberate and choose to stay in rural areas completely. Try the Scottish Highlands, they offer some of the best sceneries in the whole of England; your family can have all this and more while staying in well equipped log cabins in these beautiful highlands. There is a lot to choose from without spending a lot.

It is also a great deal to spend time with your family in a self-catering cabin, you choose what you want to eat and still spend less. In Bassenthwaite Lake you can find one such cabin, enjoy the peaceful environment home away from home.

Stay In B&Bs

The best fact about most B&BS is that they are family run and pocket friendly. You can receive first hand information from the staff running these B&Bs as they have lived there longer. Some B&Bs have been handed down from generation to generation.

Let your family enjoy the soaring mountains, shimmering waters and azure skies as they stay in Ullapool Highland at the homely Peatcutters Croft. Wonderful homemade food and the cast of interesting animals like sheep, ducks and rabbits will keep your children occupied.

Spacious B&BS where children can help collect eggs for breakfast are available in Crickhowell. Check out theTy’r Chanter too; it is a charming family friendly house lavishly styled with a barn.

You can still enjoy the thrills of London, Newcastle, Edinburg and other cities while staying in reasonably priced B&BS with your family, there is a wide variety that will suitably fit into your tight budget.

Check out Enjoy Bed and Breakfast for a great range of the UK B&Bs out there.

Camping Trips

Camping is another brilliant idea of having the time of your life with your family without having to pay a fortune. You get to enjoy fun activities and stunning green sceneries away from annoying daily distractions.

Pitching your camping tent in the wilderness of the highlands of Scotland is absolutely free! Enjoy the Lochs, heather-flocked hillsides and boundless peace in this wonderful place.

Cornwall offers you an exciting alternative if you want your family to enjoy seaside activities such as surfing. Enjoy the wonderful beaches at no extra cost by camping at the available camping sites for an amazing relaxed holiday. Other scenic areas include Cardiff, Oxford, Cambria, and large sections of Wales too.

Believe it or not you can camp just a few minutes away from London. There are a few interesting camp sites which are convenient for you especially if your holiday idea includes exploring this stunning city.

You can also have the time of your life on a short break by trying out something new like staying in a reasonably priced houseboat! I am sure the kids will be thrilled.

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Photo by funkymagic on Flickr