Luxembourg, France: Back to the Medieval

Tours of France would usually be about trip to Paris because of the Eiffel Tower and the French shopping district. However, there are other parts and cities of Paris that are worth the traveller’s time as well, just like the city of Luxembourg.

Located in the northern regions of France, Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful places that one can visit in his or her tour of France. The city and its neighbouring countryside are filled with so many fine attractions and tourist destinations that can rival any trip to Paris itinerary.  There are many things to do and see in Luxembourg, but one of the most famous would be a tour of the different castles in Luxembourg.

Beaufort Castle

This is one of the oldest castles in Luxembourg, and has taken centuries to complete. The oldest section of the majestic castle was a square-shaped fortress which was built sometime in the 11th century, which explains the use of large stones as walls and foundations. Several centuries later, more additions to the fortress was made, which all added up to how the castle looks like nowadays. The castle is nestled between towering trees and a small river which makes it an idyllic place fit for wonderful photo ops. The castle is open to the public as part of many Luxembourg tours, and do catch the annual Schlossfest festival in July which promises a great and grand festive experience for tourists.

Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle is another Luxembourg tourist attraction and one of the oldest and most beautiful when it comes to location. The castle was built in the 1000s, although numerous renovations were made between then and now. One of the most striking features of the castle is the different architectural styles that can be observed. Many experts have identified Roman and Merovingian architecture in the construction, as well as a flare of Gothic-Romanesque style. Taking a walk through the castle walls and the courtyards will surely remind you of the kind of France that you usually see in movies and history books. At night, the castle’s façade is flooded with soft light, and along with its lovely location on top of the hill, makes a romantic and scenic view that will surely take your breath away.

Bock Casemates

This structure is the primary reason why the Bock Promontory was once heralded as the “Gibraltar of the North.” It first started out as a fortified castle in the 900s, and stood strong for around 500 years before the Burgundians took over it in the middle of the 1400s. The castle was further fortified with the construction of 24 forts, 16 defensive structures and over 20 kilometres of tunnels and casemates which housed soldiers and their horses as well as some establishments like bakeries and so forth. However, years passed and the fortress was diminished to ruins, but the casemates remained are now one of the most famous tourist attractions of Luxembourg.

So if you’re planning a trip to France anytime soon, why not put the Paris tour aside for a moment and take a Luxembourg tour instead? The Luxembourg castles and the other fun things to do in the city will surely make your trip equally as memorable as that of a trip to Paris, or maybe even better.

Photo by bOOnj on Flickr