Must See Attractions of Austria

Austria is particularly famous for the city of Vienna, however, a country is not made with one city alone. There are many beautiful sights and landmarks in the Imperial City, but there are also other countless tourist attractions in Austria, all of which contribute to attracting more and more visitors to the country every year. The best part is that most of these places are concentrated in the city, which means you can access them easily. Some other places mentioned are located in the other regions, but in general you won’t need more than a backpack to carry all the necessary things you’ll need to enjoy your trip in Austria, unless of course you want to travel extra smart and get travel insurance, like I often do! You never know what could happen, no matter how cautious you are so always best to be prepared.

So below is a short list of the must see attractions of Vienna and Austria which should give you a fairly good idea and help in planning your backpacking trip to Austria.


Vienna is a great place to start your tour, and you can visit most of the tourist attractions and landmarks here in one or several days. Start with a tour of the beautifully architecture buildings in the city, like the Schonbrunn Palace with its more than 1,000 rooms and gardens. This palace which has been standing for centuries now is one of the most iconic landmarks of Vienna and Austria. Another palace is the Hofburg Palace or also referred to as the imperial palace, which was once the residence of some of Vienna and Austria’s prominent people presently the houses the President of Austria. There is also the Vienna State Opera which is considered to be one of the top opera houses in the world, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral with its interesting blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.


Make your way to Salzburg, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and a must see when in Austria. Being a cultural and historical place, your eyes will feast on the various castle s and cathedrals in the place. Salzburg Castle is a fine and well-preserved example of European castles from the medieval times. It is located on top of the mountain which makes it look more regal from the valley below. There is also the Residenz Palace with its beautiful baroque architecture. Though smaller than the Salzburg Castle, the Residenz played an equally important role in the history of Austria.


About an hour away from Salzburg is Innsbruck, which is pretty famous for the different holiday villages in the place. There is the Axams, Gotzens and Grinzens which are pretty famous for their walking trails which lead to some of the most picturesque countryside of Austria. On the southern district you’ll find the villages of Aldrans, Ampass, Lans, and Patsch to name a few, all of which have their own allure and appeal to tourists who visit the place. While in Innsbruck, don’t miss the chance to walk around and explore Altstadt, an urban area nestled against the rural mountains of the Alpine range.

Photo by pbouchard on Flickr