Picturesque Marseille

Marseille is a city in France that is surrounded with a natural landscape. The city offers a unique perspective and outlook towards the Mediterranean Coast. The location of the city is adorable and mystifying as one feels the perfect harmony of man and nature.

Marseille and its surrounding outskirt town have a picturesque view and scenery that is fascinating to watch. The bountiful goodness of nature comes alive in the topographic location of the city. The city has an alternative charm other than that of the French Riviera, as it creates a new outlook of utilizing the natural scenery of the Mediterranean.

Sloping Village

Travelling and visiting unique natural sites is an extraordinary journey for travelers. The sloping village found in the outskirts of Marseille is called Perched Village. The Perched Village is an entire village built and carved directly into the Rocky Mountains. The site of sloping houses is remarkable to watch as one might imagine how it was constructed.

The magnificent backdrop of the mountains and the beautiful clear skies around the region is adorable to visit. The breath of fresh air in the area is revitalizing to the body. The location of Perched Village is an amazing view to partake in. And it is a place worthy to one having a memorable adventure in the region.

Rocky Cove

Marseille’s natural bounty is seen in and around the city and region of Provence. Experience the best outdoor location for fun and games of the Calanque. The Calanque is a rocky formation of dolomite, limestone, and carbonate strata that is visvidly seen on its texture. It is a bay or cove which has a steep side projection.  Calanque offers a beautiful atmosphere of adorable rock, enchanting waters, and seeing the Mediterranean Sea.

The little area of Calanque is not one of one’s regular trips on the French Riviera but offers exactly the happiness and excitement. Taking a cruise along the rocky formation of Calanque is as beautiful and pleasing to the eyes as the blue waters splashes unto.

Seaside View

The beautiful road section of Marseille is through the La Corniche.  It is a 5 km roadway along the sides of the Mediterranean Sea. The La Corniche is an elegant roadway with many fascinating and interesting sites along the way. The magnificent site of the Mediterranean Sea can be visible anywhere in the long stretch of the La Corniche.

The picturesque site found in the roadway is the classic villas which is a reminiscent of the ones found in postcards and magazines. Some elegant beaches can be seen and accessed via the La Corniche roadway. The many types of ships crossing the Mediterranean are so lively to watch. It is a pleasing sight to watch the Mediterranean Sea and the sites and activities found in land.


For every traveler’s mind is to have a comfortable stay and accommodation to where ever he ends up. And Marseille has some of the best hotels in the world. The hotel Sylvabelle is nice and cozy that is situated in a magnificent old fort area. The Radisson Blu Marseille is a luxurious modern style hotel that is located near the airport. While the Radisson Blu Marseille is somehow modern in design, its counterpart, one of the Heathrow airport hotels, Radisson Blu offers a classic Edwardian Style architecture.

The style and design of the Radisson Blu in Heathrow is worth mentioning as part of the family of Radisson Hotels. The hotel’s staff is accommodating and provides better comfort which guests can pretty much enjoy.

Photo by 40351463@N00 on Flickr