The Charming Town of Ericeira, Portugal

If you are planning a trip to Portugal anytime soon, you may want to explore the small coastal town of Ericeira. This town located in the western coast of Portugal, out in the municipality of Mafra which is about 20 miles from Lisbon.

As mentioned it is a coastal area, and so the most popular local and tourist attraction in the spot would be their numerous beaches – around 40 or so of them!

The town of Ericeira is a picturesque spot with its sandstone cliffs that hangs over the wonderfully blue Atlantic Ocean. Add the little white houses and countryside structures and you’ve got a quaint yet charming seaside village perfect for those wanting to escape the city. Whether you’re from Lisbon looking for a great weekend getaway or a foreign tourist looking for a quiet and relaxing seaside experience, the town of Ericeira is the place to go.

The beaches of Ericeira are the perfect getaway for beach goers, especially for the surfers because of the awesome waves that they are famous for. They have great swells for those who are looking for a thrilling ride, as well as low and gentle waves for those who are just starting out in this sport or hobby. Some of the notable beaches to visit for a great surfing experience would be Sao Sebastiao and Ribiera d’ilhas, as well as the beaches of Coxos Reef and Pedra Branca. In addition, if you don’t have a surfboard or want to learn how to surf, you can check out the many surfing shops in the area who would be more than will to teach you how to ride the waves like a pro.

Aside from surfing and basking under the warm Portuguese sun, you should also try the different seafood restaurants that abound the area. There is the Mar a Vista, a small restaurant on the outside but a whole lot of good food stuffed inside like crabs and lobsters. In most restaurants in Ericeira, the seafood that they prepare is fresh from the sea and caught by the village fisher folks from the Atlantic.  Pair these with a great tasting wine from Minho, Portugal, and you’ve got the perfect cuisine that will satisfy your cravings.

Aside from the sea and all things related to it, another attraction of the town is the town centre itself. Walking in the streets of Ericeira is like travelling back in time, with the small white and Portuguese houses and structures far different from the towering apartments and buildings of Lisbon. Scattered in the town centre are small and charming fountains. Not to be missed of course are the churches of Ericeira like San Pedro Church and San Sebastian Chapel.

Truly,  a visit to Ericeira in Portugal is a total complete package for beach goers and surfing enthusiasts. You can catch the waves at the beaches or tan yourself under the sun then enjoy freshly caught seafood in the restaurants. Cap your day with a relaxing walk in the streets of Ericeira and head out to the beach again for a breathtaking view of the Ericeira sunset.

Photo by wavecult on Flickr