9 Golden Rules Of Travelling Abroad


  • Smile

Wherever you go, smile. Not only are you indirectly representing your country, but if you don’t know the language well, being friendly and approachable is often enough for you to make friends.

  • Always Have Airport Transfers Sorted

When you land, you will want to get to your hotel as soon as possible, to get rid of your suitcases and to rest. Be sure that you have your airport transfer sorted. It will save you the stress of having to navigate there by yourself. Black Lane is a great international company to go through, and they’ll be able to track when your flight is landing, so it doesn’t matter if your plane is running late.

  • Always Be Polite

Always be considerate and polite. If possible, research the culture in advance, so you don’t make any faux pas abroad. It’s important to be courteous of other people, when you visit another country. Think of it of visiting someone’s home – be on your best behaviour and try to follow the house rules.

  • Leave Room In Your Suitcase

As tempting as it might be, don’t pack your entire suit – you’ll want to buy a bunch of stuff while you’re over there, so leave enough space in your luggage to accommodate presents for loved ones, as well as gifts to yourself, of course.

  • Toilet Paper

In many other countries, toilet paper is a luxury, rather than a right, so always bring some with you in your suitcase or carry-on. Even places like Japan often don’t have toilet paper, and you will have to bring your own.

  • Learn As Much Of The Language As Possible

Basic phrases can get you a long way, but do try to study the language a bit before you leave. Why? Because not only is it more convenient this way, but it will enable you to actually talk with people who live there, and knowing small amounts of the language will get you further than you think, in terms of ordering food and getting around.

  • Save Money On Accommodation

If you are spending all of your money on accommodation, you’re doing it wrong. Save your money for going out and doing things, or trying delicious food. You don’t have to go as cheap and cheerful as a hostel, if you don’t want to, but budget accommodation just needs to be somewhere comfortable to rest your head.

  • Get Travel Insurance

Being on holiday opens you up to some higher risk situations, and you don’t have the NHS to fall back on, if you get sick or injured. Just in case you do end up in the hospital, be sure you have travel insurance, otherwise you may find yourself with an exceptionally expensive bill, which could cost three times the amount of your original holiday.

  • Say Yes

Say yes to food and experiences that you would normally shirk. Travelling is a time to try new things, and you’ll be glad that you said yes to a variety of opportunities that you’d never otherwise experience. Live life to the full!