Best Haunted Theme Parks to Visit in USA

Haunted theme parks are once again rallying the crowds and letting every brave and daring soul into their gates – its Halloween!

USA is home to some of the best haunted theme parks in world, and here we have three of the highest rated and frequented haunted theme parks for your pleasure. If you’re not from the states, make sure to look into sorting out a US visa before you plan to visit.


This haunted theme park is located near Reading in Pennsylvania. It first started as a haunted hayride through the woods, but it has expanded and developed into a full complex with various hair-raising attractions. These include the Zombie Revenge Hayride (where you will be going on a tour through an abandoned industrial area inhabited by zombies all trying to eat your brain), The Unknown (where you experience horror and thrill sci-fi style) and a whole lot more. One of their most popular attractions is the Naked and Scared Challenge, where participants are challenged to run through the haunted house with only their shoes and their underwear on. Need a place to party this Halloween holiday? Book the Club Shock for your friends, colleagues, or family. Just be sure to book early because reservations get filled up very quickly.

Terror Behind the Walls

What other place can be more haunted than a state penitentiary? Very few that I know of, and the Terror Behind the Walls in Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is absolutely one of the scariest haunted attractions in America. There are six attractions to see and enjoy. You will get to pass the Lock Down, where the warden builds up the “scare story” by telling you that all hell broke loose in the prison and that loose criminals with chainsaws and axes abound the next halls. In the infirmary you will be grabbed by zombie nurses and crazy doctors, be forced into a chair so that they can “work” on you. Before you get to the exit, you’ll pass by a 3D Maze, absolutely fun and a bit scary, with fluorescent paint and black lights. By the way, there are two options to choose from before you enter the penitentiary. One, you can tell the guard that no monster is allowed to grab or touch you while inside. Second, you can tell them to mark you with fluorescent paint as a sign that those monsters inside are free to pull your hair, grab your arms and legs, and scream at your faces. I say go for the latter – it’s just much fun that way.

Creepy World Halloween Scream Park

Creepy World Halloween Scream Park is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and like the two above, has various attractions that visitors can enjoy. First would be the Raven’s Mansion, one o f the most elaborately designed haunted houses. Next is the Dominion of the Vampire, where you pass through a foggy graveyard, a flame throwing swamp and finally into the Vampire’s Lair. After that, be prepared for the haunted hayride at Tombstone, where you’ll meet long gone dead cowboys and gunslingers looking to avenge their deaths. After this, be ready to enter Silo-X. This is probably inspired by Sci-fi shows and paranormal shows, as you get to walk in a laboratory where experiments have gone awfully bad. Be prepared to meet mutated monsters, mutilated patients, and so much more paranormal beings.

Pay these theme parks a visit and give yourself a little fright this Halloween!

Photo by mjkmjk on Flickr