Chase the Northern Lights in Norway

There are some natural experiences which are hard to put into words. Ask anyone who has ever seen the Northern Light what it was like and you will hear a lot of excitement but very few specifics. This is the kind of thing you simply have to see to fully understand. So where and how will you do it?

Try Norway

There are a good number of different cities and towns across the globe which offer the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights in all their glory. There is something to be said for all of them but it is hard to find fault with Norway as the place you should choose. Geographically, it is in the right region, there are lots of things to do when you are there and it is easy to get out of the cities so that you can see the night sky without and light pollution getting in the way. If you have never considered this as a possible destination before than a quick look at the official visitor website for Norway will show you some of the amazing landscapes and exciting activities you could find here.

Choose a Great Base

One of the keys to finding success when you are chasing the Northern Lights in Norway is in choosing the right base. There are a lot of options to choose from here but one which stands out is Tromsø. This is a city in the north of the country which has become quite famous for being one of the finest locations for seeing an unbelievable Northern Lights show. It is the biggest city in the North of Norway and one of the biggest cities in the Arctic Circle. Among the points of interest in Tromsø are the wooden houses, with more of them in the city centre here than in any other city in Norway, and the world’s most Northerly mosque. This place was once known as the Paris of the North and still feels like a sophisticated and elegant place despite the remoteness of it.  There is a lot of culture on offer, including a classical music festival in January and a Latin American event in February. In terms of the weather, you can expect it to be cold here in winter, of course, but the influence of the Gulf Stream helps keep it a bit warmer than many cities at a similar latitude.

Get Away from the Base

Apart all that hard work in finding a perfect base like Tromsø it is now time to get away from it. This is because you have a much better chance of seeing the lights if you head somewhere where there is little or no light pollution. Tromsø isn’t the biggest city in the world but there is still enough light pollution to make it a good idea to head out to somewhere more remote. Once you are away from the lights of the city you have a great chance of seeing this wonderful natural phenomenon and enjoying an unforgettable Northern Lights experience.

Photo by ronel_reyes on Flickr