Save Those Dollars When Hitting the Road

Save those dollars when hitting the road. Piggy will thank you for it.
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Taking a vacation or two during the year is something millions of Americans look forward to doing on a yearly basis.

That said it can be a little daunting to find those trips where you do not end up breaking the bank.

If you are one of those individuals (or families) looking to save money on a trip the remainder of this year or down the road, where will you turn for such opportunities?

By working with the right travel company, you can find yourself in a great position to have a fantastic trip, yet still save some money at the same time.

So, will you save those dollars when hitting the road?

Don’t Go Broke Enjoying Your Vacation

In order to enjoy your trip and avoid losing sleep at night over just how much it ends up costing, here are a few money-saving tips to deploy:


  1. Working with a travel expert – So that you can save money on your trip of a lifetime (or just a short getaway), working with a travel company is a good place to start. Whether you are in search of saving money on trips to South America or planning on going somewhere inside the U.S., shop around for the best deals. Various travel companies will have different specials from time to time, so keep that in mind as you search around. For example, the recently concluded 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio shined the spotlight on Brazil. While it may have been tough to find an available hotel room or a good deal on a flight to the South American country for much of August, things are opening up once again. Unless you are planning to attend the world-renowned Brazilian Carnival come February, avoiding that week to go to Brazil would be a good idea. Any travel company can help you pin down the best and worst times to visit an area of the world;

  3. Save those extra dollars – It can be real easy to spend money at Starbucks or run that credit card up at the local store while grocery shopping, especially on items you probably do not need when all is said and done. Although it may seem like little or no money will accrue, set aside a “trip” jar during the year for that spare change you accumulate 365 days a year. Even though it likely will not pay for an airline ticket or hotel room for a week, it will give you some spending money for your trip. Also look at buying items only if you truly need them. By doing some discretionary shopping, you can cut down on your expenses, all the while putting money aside for the well-deserved vacation you have been planning;

  5. Become an expert traveler – If you’re not someone who travels on a regular basis, you may not know what the airlines charge for baggage fees, what hotels charge for extra services, when the best time to get a rental car is etc. By turning to the Internet, you can become a more educated traveler, helping you ultimately save money. You can also find out how the locals (where you plan to travel to) go about saving money in their own backyards. Remember, your ultimate goal is to make your trips as inexpensive (yet fun) as possible. Using social media is also a good opportunity to hear from other travelers’ first-hand how they have gone about saving money on their respective trips.


Even though summer is quickly fading into the distance, your trip can still happen before it ends. Perhaps you have a trip plan closer to or during the holidays? Lastly, you might already be thinking about where your 2017 travels will take you.

No matter where your travel adventures may be, saving money does not have to be painful.

By planning your trips as far out in advance as possible, working with (or at least following) experts in the field, and making cost-effective decisions, your trip can be one to remember for many years to come.

In a day and age when the economy is tight for many people, saving money on your trips will lead to more vacations and more money in your bank account.