Discover The Beauty Of Perth Australia

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is a place with much beauty to be discovered. Whether you are looking for a nice quite vacation or a lively one filled with exciting adventure, Perth is just the destination for you.

Embarking On Your Journey

Before you arrive in Perth it is important that you plan ahead for your adventure. One thing that comes in handy when making a visit to this beautiful city is a vehicle. Hiring a car during your stay in Perth is actually very simple and will allow you to easily go from place to place as you explore all that Perth has to offer. You can get really great deals on Perth car hire with Drivenow where you will be able to choose the vehicle that suits you. Before you arrive, it is also smart to get an idea of what the city is like so that you can plan on visiting the places that interest you.

The Natural Beauty of Perth

The climate in Perth is rather inviting all year round although it does see some rainfall during the year and can get hotter during the summer months. The natural beauty surrounding Perth is a major reason for travelers visiting this beautiful city. The fertile Swan Valley of Perth is just one spot that portrays the loveliness of this area. There are several amazing National Parks surrounding Perth including John Forrest National Park and Serpentine National Park where you can discover some of Australia’s wildlife such as kangaroos. Many lakes, waterfalls and other natural attractions can be found nearby that are definitely worth a visit.

The Cultural Beauty of Perth

The actual city of Perth is home to a culturally diverse population with over half of the cities habitants being from countries other than Australia. The city is full of performing arts and you can enjoy everything from operas to orchestras and ballets and even a few annual arts festivals. The artistic flair of the city can be seen in the various museums and galleries around the city and some unique artwork can be seen at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibit which displays the creations of a handful of different artist. The food and drink you will find at the various restaurants around Perth also adds to the cultural beauty of this amazing city.

A Truly Beautiful City

Attractions and sights to be seen around the city help to add to the uniqueness and beauty that Perth has to offer. Enjoy a nice evening stroll in Kings Park or check out the cool animals at the Perth Zoo and AQWA Perth. The accommodations in Perth are also very nice with everything from hotels to caravan parks for those traveling with a campervan.

Photo by youngestchild on Flickr