Summer Vacation in Alberta: Top things to do in Wildrose Country

With the Canadian dollar at lows that haven’t been seen in decades, there hasn’t been a better time to pay our northern neighbor a visit.

Of all the places one can go in this vast country, Alberta is a popular choice, as its access to the Canadian Rockies, vibrant cities, and hidden surprises make it an attractive place to travel.

Below, we’ll float a few itinerary ideas that will help you make the most of your trip to Wildrose Country.

1) Hike to the teahouses near Lake Louise

There are many trails begging to be hiked in Banff National Park, but none are quite as rewarding as the Tea House Circuit.

A famous trek accessible from Lake Louise, it allows access to a pair of cafes in the wilderness which serve tea, coffee, and sweets to intrepid hikers willing to take on thousands of feet of elevation change needed to reach these quaint cabins.

If you are pressed for time, the Lake Agnes tea house is the easiest to reach, as it can be reached in a couple of hours each way.

However, if you are able to dedicate an entire day to trekking, visit the Plain of Six Glaciers tea house as well.

Reachable via a connecting trail from Lake Agnes, this tea house has stunning mountain views that will make their famous chocolate cake taste that much better.

2) Go on the Maligne Lake boat cruise

Located up a dead end valley 55 kilometers from Jasper, Maligne Lake is one of the most scenic places in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain parks.

An effervescent lake surrounded by glacier-clad peaks is the last place you’d expect to find a boat tour, but fortunately, a grandfather clause has allowed their continued operation ever since it was made part of Jasper National Park in 1930.

Lasting 90 minutes from start to finish, it will give you a rare chance to see nature in an undisturbed state. Far away from the tourist hordes, it is an experience you cannot afford to pass up.

However, sometimes rain can obscure the peaks of the Maligne Valley, making it advisable to put off your cruise until conditions improve.

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3) Pay a visit to Drumheller

While many foreign visitors flock to the Canadian Rockies during their visit to Alberta, not nearly as many make it to Dinosaur Valley.

Referring to the portion of the Red Deer River Valley marked by scenic badlands, countless fossils have been found here, giving this place its nickname.

Drumheller is this region’s hub, containing hotels, restaurants, a spectacular golf course, and most notably, the Royal Tyrell Museum.

Easily one of the best institutions dedicated to paleontology in Canada, it is a must for those interested in our prehistoric predecessors.

4) Check out Calgary’s dining scene

Before flying home, spend a couple of evenings taking in the excellent dining scene which has developed in Calgary in recent years.

Home to the head offices of many Canadian oil companies, this city has restaurants that cater to the tastes and whims of customers who have plenty of cash to spend.

Dine on triple AAA Alberta beef at pricey steakhouses like Saltlik, sample innovative Italian cuisine at Vero Bistro, and enjoy hipster takes on food at places like Model Milk.

Whether you choose to eat on Stephen Avenue or 17th Avenue SW, you won’t be left wanting for good eats.